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  1. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    WATCH IS SOLD ! Offering for sale here a rare find: a 1974 Citizen Cosmotron electronic (not quartz) watch in very nearly NOS condition. Ref. 7803-790499. The movement is the Citizen Cosmotron Electromechanical 7803, 8 jewels, 36,000 BPH, day-date, stop second, Flyback / Stopwatch 60 sec...
  2. Public Forum
    Dear WUS fellows, I've been wanting to tell you this ever since I've joined you... I just love to (hand)wind my "mechanical" watches! (Where I'm from, we use just "mechanical" to differentiate the hand-winding movement watches from the automatic-winding or quartz movement ones.) I usually wind...
  3. Public Forum
    What watch made you start to become a watch collector? Why this watch made you into one? Please post some pics.
  4. Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    For sale: The ultimate luxury for the serious watch collector. This hand-made cabinet is made in Italy of the finest mahogany. It has a remote-control lift that houses 40 Orbita winders. You can keep your entire watch collection fully wound and ready to wear at any time. Each winder is...
  5. Public Forum
    I recently found a box of old Swiss gold watches of various brands. I'm not a watch collector, so I know nothing of the brands. I was originally going to send the cases and bands to be melted but I had a thought that maybe one could be a collector's item. They are not in mint condition but could...
  6. DOXA S.A.
    In Spanish we use the expression "Media Naranja" (half orange) referred to find your "other half" or your: better half / matching half / soulmate . I don't know if DOXA owners realize that. This is what happend to me with my first DOXA SUB100T PA. I found my soulmate, as in spanish: I found...
  7. Public Forum
    Wondering if there is enough persons/interest for a local watch collectors gathering, even turn into a regular monthly gathering. I'm willing to reserve a spot and bring some treats. PM or reply if interested. Other ideas welcome as well. Thanks.:thanks
1-7 of 7 Results