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  1. Coloured dive watches to escape the blacks?

    Public Forum
    Hi all, Yet another long term reader and first (few) times poster here looking for some help. I collect mostly diver watches- obligatory Seiko stalwarts like the 007/009, the orange monster, 6309 etc, a 6105 and some other vintage ones too. Being a photojournalist who travels plenty I find that...
  2. Help colour advise needed!!! Breitling Aerospace Evo

    Hi all I am making a new purchase this week of a Breitling Aerospace EVO and now just need to narrow down the colour. I am going for the Titanium Bracelet Choices of Black, Grey of Blue for the far voting goes 1 x black 3 x grey and 1 x blue
  3. Rolex Date: Colour Conundrum

    Rolex & Tudor
    Hello all, I have been looking and searching for the right watch for me and I have come to a conclusion. The Rolex Date 15200 (SS). The right size for my girly wrists, and not too flashy for daily London wear. I have found a reputable second hand dealer near Bond Street in London and they...
  4. Which strap looks better with this watch?

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    I'm really struggling to decide. Help please! or
  5. Vector coloured parts

    I asked Suunto customer support for a definitive answer to the "can I change the coloured bit on my Vector" question, and here's their reply:Dear Sir, Thank you for contacting Suunto. It is indeed possible to have the 'coloured part between the Vector bezel and the rest of the body of the...
  6. The Black Dial Vs The White Dial!!!!

    Hi all, The other month I wrote a post about whether to go for the Super Avenger or Navitimer World... I've decided on the Navitimer World :-!. HOWEVER!:-s I don't know which watch face I like best!? :think: I have seen the White and the Black on stainless steel and can not decide o|...