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  1. Invicta 8926ob & Orient Ray side by side + bonus *Orient Ray on 3 different natos *Lume compare

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    Invicta 8926ob & Orient Ray side by side + bonus *Orient Ray on 3 different natos *Lume compare Hi, I could not decide between the two. I bought the Orient because of it's outstanding reviews and what you get for the price, and i bought the Invicta because of how similiar it is to the Rolex...
  2. Navitimer Figthers vs. Navitimer II differences ?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if there is any big difference between the Navitimer Figthers Edition and the "old" Navitimer II (the later model with the screw down case back and sapphire crystal) ? I know the Figthers case is brushed, and the case back has different engraving on it, and the 6...
  3. New to the community! What is a good first watch

    Public Forum
    Hello everyone! I just created an account and have long speculated on buying a watch but always get cold feet. I read a fair amount about watches and have a decent background. I am a college student looking to see what would be a good first well rounded and versatile watch to start my collection...
  4. any mechanical difference between ETA 2982-2 and 2892-A2 ?

    Hi mates, I am wondering, is there any mechanical (different part shape or assembly) differences between an ETA 2892-2 and 2892-A2 ? (I've heard the A2 varient "winds better", does it means it was re-designed or differently assemblied ?) say- If I have a watch with a dead ETA 2892-A2...
  5. Emporio Armani or Tsovet?

    Fashion & Designers watches
    Which of these do you guys like better/ think is a better purchase? EMPORIOARMANI® Men The New Retro Collection:Men Classic AR0386 Thank you!
  6. Solar Vs. Automatic Seiko's

    Dive watches
    So I've been storming around the watch section in Macy's today, and I noticed a watch called the Seiko SNE109. It's solar powered instead of the automatic power that most Seiko's I've seen have. My question is, how does a solar powered watch compare to a Automatic watch besides being Quartz...
  7. Help me Decide, Seiko SNZD13k or Orient Mako XL

    Ok fellas, heres the thing both are low end mechanicals and I love the way they both look. here is what i like to know maybe some of you own these models and can help me decide. which one is more accurate? the orient in house movement or the 7S26 (i think thats the movement on this seiko). which...
  8. Thin or Thick, Casio watches in profile on my wrist...

    Casio G-Shock
    The 'what's the thinnest Casio'?, or the 'what's the thickest Casio'? question answer is open to interpretation, so I decided to take photos of some of my watches and post them for reference; my photos should be used in conjunction with the published dimensions from Casio. These are photos of...
  9. Stowa Flieger vs. Archimede Pilot

    Jörg Schauer & STOWA
    Hi everybody--I was thinking of treating myself to the 40mm Stowa Pilot w/o logo. I have a small wrist and I tried on the IWC Mark XVI (39mm) at a store yesterday and found it to be already too big--yes, I read the thread about the the squirrel's wrist. Very useful info, thanks! As an...
  10. help - Accutron vs Orient

    Affordable watches
    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and just want to say it's very informative. I'm trying to decide between a couple of watches and need some experienced input and would appreciate it more than you could know. I looking at: - Orient Automatic Power Reserve World time CFA05001B0 - Orient CFT00004B...
  11. Obaku/Ingersoll V. Skagen

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    I’m looking to buy a watch as a gift for my 33 year old boyfriend and cannot decide between Skagen or Obaku. He wants something sleek, slim and very stylish; preferably in brown or rose gold. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated!! :thanks