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  1. [Big armor, small vibrating heart] Concept for Miyota 2115

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    A concept made for a supposed microbrand. Technical annotations might not be accurate since im new in the field of watch design, however the concept was made to demonstrate the general idea of the design.
  2. WTB: Tiger Concept 1016 C1 or B1

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Looking to buy a Tiger-Concept 1016 preferably C1 Style, but B1 will do too. DG or Miyota movement. Please let me know if you have one for sale.
  3. Russian Watch Concept and Custom Dial Design Thread

    Russian watches
    Not sure if there is much interest for this here, but after taking a look at some of the cool watch and dial designs in the 2018 project watch thread I fired up Photoshop and started messing around. Hopefully there are some other members who also enjoy this. Feel free to post anything you've...
  4. For Independents

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hi, there, I would like to ask a question to this select Subforum, can someone tell me please, which are the three best independent watchmakers right now? Thanks in advance
  5. MY OWN DESIGN - inspired by my favourite watches

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hi watch enthusiasts! I hope this is the right place for my post. I'm currently expecting my new Seiko SRP775J to arrive, and to take my mind off 3+ weeks of waiting I decided to model my own watch design. It's inspired by my favourite watch designs - Citizen Grand Touring, Seiko divers (I own...
  6. CODA - feedback wanted on our watch and business concept

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hey WatchUSeek! *Scroll to the bottom of the page for the 3d renderings! My brother, cousin and me have been working on a watch (and business) concept and would love to know what you think. Feedback would really help us out a lot as we are still in the concept stage. We would love it if you...
  7. The Hirwill Watch Concept

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hello all! I've been around here for a while to read and to be inspired of all your watch concepts. Lately I've been spending my spare time to enjoy myself to learn and practice the art of watch design. I'm an engineer currently working as a technical project manager. I've done this concept in...
  8. Baselworld 2016: H. Moser and Cie Live Report with Video

    News from the Watch Industry
    H. Moser & Cie is a brand that grabs my attention every year at Baselworld.  I could spend a ton of time in their booth, and usually do.  The brands roots date back to 1828 in St. Petersburg, Russia where Swiss (Schaffhausen) born Heinrich Moser originally founded the company.  He founded H...
  9. New Dive watch design - Tugela

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    I would like to present the following watch concept for feedback. The case will be bead/sand blasted with domed sapphire display and a matt blue bezel with a lumed bulge at the Zero marker. The Crown is still a work in progress. There will be a logo on the crown as well as on the face above the...
  10. Watch Design where hands are stationary

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hello, I'm wondering if a watch exists that is similar to the watch movement idea I thought of: The hour and minute hand and second are stationary at the 10 and 2 positions and 6 Rather than the watch hands moving, there are two sets of numbers on the face, like two dials, one for hours and...
  11. 24h Pilot Concept in development

    Affordable watches
    Hi all! I've been working on a 24h pilot concept, which I have seen some people in this forum have an interest in. This concept is based around a particular movement (Miyota), which explains the placement of the 24h hand and how it covers up some of the digits. I also played around with...
  12. EPIC. New watch concept. Challenge I

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    I want to start this New Year, sharing with you all, a new and original design. I call it EPIC and I hope you enjoy it as much as me. This design lacks standard hands to indicate hours, minutes or seconds on an analog dial. Three disks of different sizes, given in each case: hours larger...
  13. Tag Heuer Monaco Twenty Four Concept Chronograph

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Selling this beautiful Tag special edition watch for a friend, he is not active on this site. He has his eyes on a new piece and needs to move this one first. Watch is in very good condition, rate at least a 90-95. Maybe worn 10 times. If interested more pictures can be supplied. Looking...
  14. Tiger Concept Black Snowflake Ceramic Sub Black

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD! For sale is a pre-owned Tiger Concept snowflake sub. PVD coated case and bracelet. Features ceramic bezel, matte black dial, mineral crystal, lumed snowflake hands and markers. I'm not certain if it has the Miyota 8200 series automatic movement or the DG 2813, but the movement does hack so...
  15. My Watch Project - SURI

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Greetings everyone! I've been a long-time user of WUS. Decided to create this account to show off a personal project of mine. Firstly, let me start off with my watch designs: A little background for those who are interested: I am a research assistant and am also...
  16. Nite Watches HAWK Design Concepts

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Introducing four Nite Watches HAWK concept designs for the consideration of WUS members. The GTLS colour combinations are yet to be decided for the concepts above. We would like to hear your thoughts on what combinations you would like to see. The image below displays some of the current...
  17. MMC Watches | Design concepts

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hi, my name is Marcio Meireles, I'm from Brazil, graduated as graphic designer, I work most of the time with internet websites, digital interfaces, 3D modeling and graphic design. As a watch enthusiast I created a few concepts to put out some of the things I like. My first series was the...
  18. Can You Build This Watch?

    Watch Concepts & Designs
    Sorry if this goes against rule #4 "No sales posts", but I have a watch design in mind and I'm looking for someone who can build it and sell it to me. The watch face is desired to be one(1) inch in diameter and my main want for this build is to have the watch face look and function like the one...
  19. TAG Heuer likes to tease ... soon to be unveiled at BASELWORLD ...

    TAG Heuer
    This is all I got, but in a few days we will all know what TAG Heuer has been cooking! Any ideas to what this might be? My contact wrote: STAY TUNED !!
  20. It is finally ready! Dubois et fils shows the first images of the new collection!

    News from the Watch Industry
    IT IS FINALLY READY: DUBOIS ET FILS IS SHOWING THE FIRST IMAGES OF THE NEW COLLECTION! The project names Concept ONE and Concept TWO are being replaced by DBF001 and DBF002. The classic round and modern square cases are offered in three different versions. The colour combinations have been...