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  1. Public Forum
    Would it be wrong to go to an AD and you suggest the price first? I recently purchased a watch from an A.D. (Amazon - and yes I know what I'm talking about, Amazon being A.D.), with about 60% of the Retail Price, but turned out it was defective so I returned it. Refund is still being...
  2. Tissot
    Hello! Can I get the information about the authenticity of modern Tissot watch from case number and warranty card information online or contacting Tissot:-s or is that imposible? Regards, black8ball
  3. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I recently purchased a contact incabloc 25 jewels watch from a charity shop, the watch ia automatic and is Swiss made but I cant find any information about the watch or even yhe company on the internet at all. Could anyone help with giving me some more information on the watch,
  4. Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    Hi Everyone, Does anyone have current contact with Roland Kemmner and any contact details? I have been trying unsuccessful for the past 6-months and no response. I bought the Tonneau-Black ONE YEAR AGO- 2013 and thru 2 failed deliveries (to China- but returned to him) I have never received...
  5. Omega
    Hello folks, Does anyone know the mailing address and/or the email address for the Omega Watches headquarter in USA? I would like to address my watch's concerns on both letter and email to Omega. so far I only know this:
  6. Public Forum o|o|o|o|o|o|o|o|o| Hello, I bought in September 2008, a watch brand Sub Chrono with a 3-year warranty. My bracelet steel must be repaired...
1-6 of 6 Results