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  1. SUUNTO Core White Crush Strap

    Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    Hello all, For sale is a brand new Suunto Core White Crush Watchstrap. I just bought the Core White Crush watch and immediately swapped out the band for another color. Still in protective wrap, and looking for $37obo shipped within the CONUSA. LMK if you have any questions. Thanks, Rob
  2. Sunnto Core All Black with Spare Strap .

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Sunnto Core All Black in perfect condition. For Sale is my Sunnto Core All Black with Spare Orange Strap (Non OEM) Manufacturers Specifications. - Multiple watch, date and time functions - Altimeter - Barometer - Compass - Temperature - Storm alarm - Sunrise / sunset - User-replaceable...
  3. Suunto Men's Core Watch All Black $1 starting price and NO reserve!

    eBay Auctions
    Selling my Suunto Core, worldwide shipping, $1 starting price, no reserve. See auction here!
  4. Suunto Core All Black - Very good condition SOLD

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD!! Thanks WUS and buyer Selling my Suunto Core all black. Just doesn't get as much wrist time. I don't really need all the ABC stuff that it offers but it's a great watch. Small scratch on the buckle and a scratch on the back from when I did a battery change. Clean bezel and crystal. Comes...
  5. Changing battery for CORE and VECTOR

    Ladies and Gents: In anticipation of reviving and selling off my Core and Vector, battery replacements are required. I've already bought a dielectric gel and 2032s, so my question now is: Is there a video and/or instruction that you recommend for this procedure? I was thinking along the lines...
  6. FS/T Suunto Stainless Steel Core

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For sale is the Suunto Stainless Steel Core. This is the initial one with the rotating bezel. The Core was a daily wearer so there will be marks on the body and some paint that has been rubbed off. The sapphire crystal is unmarked. The case back has scratches, with one scratch that is deeper...
  7. Core Red band replacement options

    Hey all, My Core Reds stock elastomer band has finally given way. I always found the quality not quite upto the mark. So I'm in the market looking for the best belt for the same. I don't mind trying a NATO or Hirsch straps. But the mounts make it difficult to try an after market one on it. What...
  8. WTT: Casio PAG240 Pro Trek for Suunto Core Regular Black

    WTT - Trade Corner
    Looking to trade my Casio Pro Trek PAG240 for a Suunto Core regular black, and most likely some cash to even the trade out unless condition causes other wise.
  9. FS: Suunto Core ALL BLACK

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Asking $99 shipped. Comes with box and warranty card, even though warranty is expired. Just replaced battery. Small scratch on crystal next to the minutes. Bezel, strap, and buttons show signs of wear but is in decent shape.
  10. ALU Deep Black Core on Standard/Elastomer Strap

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has put the ALU Deep Black Core on the standard Core strap (no lugs) and or the Lite Elastomer strap. I'm curious to see what it looks like, and I may buy Deep Black Core if the strap change looks alright. I really love the looks and feel of the standard...

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SUUNTO CORE DUSK GRAY OUTDOOR WATCH $200 Suunto Core Dusk Gray - Suunto Slightly used, great condition. I'm selling it because I picked up an apple watch.
  12. JaysAndKays Fixed Lugs for Suunto Core

    Hello fellow WUSers Many of you might know me from my eBay store JaysAndKays and to those we have shared ideas with, much thanks for your insight. I want to announce a roll-out of my revamped version of my JaysAndKays Fixed Lugs for the Core. Those of you who are familiar with the product...
  13. Is a review or photos of the Suunto Core Dusk Gray of interest?

    Hello! I just registered at this forum during my search for bracelets and informations about customizing suunto watches. I couldn´t find too much informations about the watch mentioned above: the Suunto Dusk Gray. Do you think it would be of interest for the other forum members to see a few...
  14. core, vector, xlander - help me choose please?

    hi guys! as 1st nice to meet you all, I am new here, I hope I am posting in the proper place! I wont bother with a poemy, just asking your opinion, I would love to listen to your feedback, I am gonna choose one of the 3 suunto mentioned in the title, all of them have some reason why I would...
  15. Suunto straps

    Anyone had any experience with fitting a new Suunto strap to their watches? Have heard conflicting ideas about the simplicity of the process...
  16. watch for ski

    Hi Suunto fans, I need your experience. I am looking at buying my first ABC watch. I live in the snowy mountains of Japan and the soul purpose of the watch will be for ski touring/backcountry skiing. Im looking for that 3rd degree on the topo map, an need a watch with an accurate, reliable...
  17. sold - Black Suunto Core Military - $160

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hey Guys, I am looking to sell my Black Suunto Core Military for $160 inclusive of paypal fees and shipping in Canada or US. It has been worn about 20 times and has a few wear marks as seen in the photos, but is in good shape overall and works perfectly - just put a new battery in. The...
  18. Is this a fake watch??

    Hi all[COLOR=#333333] i'm wondering if this suunto is fake one
  19. Suunto Core all-black - contrast question

    Hello. Definitely getting a Suunto Core, but while I want the all-black, I'd much rather have a readable watch. I was wondering if anyone has any pictures of the all-black with the contrast on max and no flash (specific I know), or if they can give an honest comment on how easy it is to read in...
  20. Quick question about the Suunto Core all black contrast

    'Sup. I'm going to get a Suunto Core and I really like the look of the all black. However I've heard a lot of gripes about the display being hard to read, but some people have disagreed. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to provide some pictures of the all-black with the contrast on...