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  1. Cornavin Geneve 10001 Album Images Davidsai Cybulkiewicz

    Public Forum
    With this watch I will start to upload images of my Collection. Thsi will go into the watch chest being finally painted this weekend. This is the link to the album. I am wondering if i should post the images...
  2. Help - Cornavin with ZIM 2602 - winder malfunction

    Russian watches
    I was wearing this great-looking blue Cornavin today, and I believe I may have damaged the winder mechanism in an attempt to move the hands into a more desirable position for photos. Yes,... I moved the hands COUNTER CLOCKWISE. Now,... I have a watch which still runs and keeps time, but in...
  3. Watches similar to movado?

    Affordable watches
    I like movado museums. I was curious if there are any similar alternatives with the place dial and in a slim yet still wide enough case? I looked at ones from skagen but they were slightly small on my wrist.
  4. CORNAVIN Downtown

    Drawing inspiration from the city of Geneva, the Downtown collection from Cornavin was designed for those with a taste for finely made watchmaking as well as passionate devotees of limited editions. The 44 mm stainless steel case gives pride of place to shapes with an octagon and a round bezel...
  5. Cornavin Dolphin

    Friends, I have recently purchased a Cornavin Dolphin, using a 2614-2H, like the one reviewed by Walther Odets in "Jassica´s Cornavin: My idea is to use a new, waterproof case with a functional dial and hands, maybe something...
  6. My Grandfather's Watch

    Public Forum
    In 1967, when my grandfather retired from his job at a factory in New York, he received the obligatory gold mechanical watch for his efforts. I was barely a year old at the time and he passed away a few years later. After his funeral, I was told that it was wish that I inherit this watch. I...