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  1. FS: TISSOT T035.410.16.031.00 T-Classic Couturier Men Watch - AU$431. Authentic and Brand New.

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    We FEDEX worldwide. Comes with 2 years warranty. Price includes 10% GST. For shipping addresses outside of Australia, enter INTERNATIONAL to deduct the GST. 39 mm Diameter, 10.4 mm Thickness case...
  2. Tissot couturier identification

    Public Forum
    Hello, Can you help me identify this Tissot Couturier ? Does it look ok for you ? I have looked it up, the serial on the back looks ok, but i couldn't find the exact model with that "open back". Also , the rotor does not look like any of the tissots i found. Thank you!
  3. FS: Tissot Couturier Dress Watch 1853 T035410A

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    Excellent condition Tissot Couturier date dress watch. Reference T035410A. Purchased in 2012 from Ann Louise Jewellery in Canada. New battery installed on October 10, 2015. Comes as a full package. Serial number on warranty card has been blanked out for security purposes. Small scratch...
  4. Help in identifying a potential fake

    Hello folks! Absolute watch n00b here. I just got a new Tissot (T-Trend) Couturier Chronograph [T035.617.11.051.00]. I've been eyeing Tissot Chronographs for quite a while, in particular automatics, but pretty much all of them have been out of my wallet size, so when I saw this one online at...
  5. Help me find a black dial quartz

    Hi, first time posting here. I am looking for a daily wearer for work preferably with a black dial. Tissot caught my attention because of its brand aesthetic, the reported accuracy of the quartz models and frankly the price. Today I went to an AD to get a look at a few quartz models in black...
  6. Torn between the Couturier and the PRC 200

    I'm just a young guy who has never owned a decent watch, and recently I've been looking at the Tissot Couturier with the black leather (T035.617.16.051.00) and the PRC 200 with the metal band (T17.1.586.52) and I really can`t decide between the two. I`m slightly leaning towards the prc 200...
  7. Watch to buy under $450

    Public Forum
    First post here! I am in the market for a wrist watch. I would like it to: Be 38-40mm in diameter (small wrist, 7") Have an automatic movement (preferably swiss) Have a sapphire crystal Have either an open-heart or an exhibition back Show at least date When I started out, my budget was...
  8. Tissot Couturier with Valjoux 7750 caliber

    Hi all! I own a Tissot Couturier with a Valjoux 7750 caliber (their top Couturier model), and wonder what is your opinion of the Valjoux caliber in terms of quality and precision. To me, it has relatively good precision. ETA only manufacture those in Elaborated and up.
  9. Tissot Couturier of Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic

    Kaliber 2010 (NL)
    Goede dag, Ik ben al een tijdje opzoek naar een nieuwe horloge, ik ben nu tot 2 horloges gekomen welke mij allebei aanspreken. Namelijk de Tissot Couturier en de Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic. Beide als een mechanische automaat, en vallen ongeveer in de zelfde prijs klasse. Hierbij de...
  10. Tissot Couturier Quartz Chronograph ISSUE

    Hi, I just bought my first Tissot watch, a beautiful Couturier Quartz Chronograph. This being my first watch with a chronograph function, I have some questions... The 'issue' is that the 6 o'clock dial is acting as a seconds hand and vice-versa. This is really annoying because the seconds hand...
  11. FS: $350 LNIB TISSOT GMT Couturier Chronograph Quartz Watch T035.439.11.031.0...

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    LNIB TISSOT Couturier GMT Chronograph Tachymeter Quartz T035.439.11.031.00 SOLD - Up for sale is a like new in box with tags and papers TISSOT Couturier GMT Chronograph quartz watch with Tachymeter scale. Currently this watch is working and keeping time. The dial is gorgeous and has a sub GMT...
  12. Quartz alternative from any brand to Tissot Couturier Automatic day/date?

    Public Forum
    Hi, I'm looking for a quartz alternative to the following watch: TISSOT COUTURIER - T035.407.16.051.00 - Tissot Swiss Watches Basically with the same configuration; black dial, black leather strap, date on bottom and day on top, line markers, steel casing, BUT with quartz movement. The...
  13. New Couturier T035.627.16.031.00 Review

    Hey all I am still learning about the variances in watches and wanted a "nice" watch that wouldn't break the bank. After doing some reading I finally decided on the Couturier found here. I thought I would share my initial thoughts on it and share a pic or two. Overall I love the watch. I like...
  14. Which Tissot Couturier do you like better? Brown leather or black leather?

    Public Forum
    I'm interested in the Tissot Couturier quartz chronograph but not sure whether to go with brown leather white dial or black leather black dial? I like the brown leather white dial as I think they're aren't as 'generic' as black/black, but also love the versatility and classic look of the...
  15. FS - Tissot Couturier Automatic Chronograph w/ Black Leather - $500

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    selling one of these in great condition (tz 90%) black sports leather on black dial on tiny reddish/orange numbers worn for about a month only 100% authentic or money back still has warranty till 2014 april comes with warranty papers only keeps time well and gains 6-9 secs/day (this is...
  16. New acquisition

    New addition to growing collection. I can say I am rather happy with the watch :-)
  17. Tissot Couturier vs Hamilton Viewmatic

    Public Forum
    Which one? Same movement Saphire on both SS both 50mt on Hamilton 100mt on Tissot 332 GPB Couturier vs 480 GPB Viewmatic I like both a lot, does the extra charge on Hamilton worth it? Or should I move to 7750 movement on Tissot Couturier...?
  18. Hirsch Strap on Couturier T0356171603100

    Any thoughts on what my options are in Hirsch? Seem to be only 2 curved end models (Princip Leo and Medici Leo) neither of which come in a 23mm - is that BTW the actual lug width? Would I size up to a 24mm strap as I sized up for my PRC200 19mm to 20mm? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jack
  19. Gents Couturier Chrono (quartz)

    Hello! I am new to this site and am fairly happy I found it. It is nice to find other people who share my appreciation for the good quality and traditions of Tissot. I have seen Lots of threads about the wonderful PRC200, but when I was recently purchasing myself a celebratory present (who...
  20. What is the deal with the Tissot Couturier?

    I have heard about this watch for quite some time, yet I haven't seen a single review or anything on WUS. I also haven't ever seen a Couturier at any Tissot AD's here in Canada. Where can you get this watch? Does anyone have one? Any information at all on this? :think: