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  1. Public Forum
    Been watching some restoration vids on the YT and came across this video. To say I am awestruck by the end result is an understatement. This fella is genius at his craft. Great video.
  2. Affordable watches
    just curious about people's opinions on the matter. what's the most well-made watch you've seen for less than $2000, or a price point of your choosing that is less than $2k? (2k new is where i draw the line for affordability - can be grey market pricing, doesn't have to be retail) talking...
  3. Frédérique Constant - Ateliers deMonaco - Alpina
    Have you ever thought how we produce our FC Manufacture watch? Let's take you few min to review the born of Frederique Constant Maxime Manufacture! Check out the succesfull Frederique Constant Maxime Manufacture!Innovation and uncompromising quality are the hallmarks of Frédérique Constant...
  4. Omega
    Hi All, Firstly, sorry for the rude title; just there to grab some attention, as I really want everybodies input into this ... ... I recently went and purchased an Omega 2254.50 SMP which I have always loved, and have only just allowed my self to buy it. I read loads of reviews detailing...
1-4 of 4 Results