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  1. My $50 Seiko Craigslist Find

    imgur: the simple image sharer First post in the forums! Based on what I've been able to find online, I think it's from the early 80s. It needs a new battery, and the face has got a few scratches in it (can't expect much else from a ~35 y/o watch), but otherwise I'm pretty happy with it. The...
  2. BREITLING - How much should I offer? What model is this?

    Public Forum
    Here is the link to the craigslist post - High End Watch Collection -Tag, Breitling, etc I asked how much he wanted for the vintage Breitling and he said to give him an offer, I still haven't. He doesn't have the box or paper but "can guarantee it is 100% authentic". His description is...
  3. Trias Consult Needed

    German watches
    I just saw a Craigslist ad for a German watch and I'd love to hear from somebody with more experience than I about whether it's worth taking a chance on. It's a Trias diver. From a quick reading of this forum, I gather that the brand falls into the "affordable" category, that the watches are...
  4. Need help identifying Craiglist watches from bad pics

    Public Forum
    All right, you guys love puzzles and mysteries, right? I was looking around craigslist and I came across a guy selling a couple watches. Are there any that stand out? The pics are not good but I'm not sure he knows too much about them. Will have to find out from him but your help is also...
  5. Search Every Craigslist City at one time for watches

    Public Forum
    I thought you guys might like to know about I've been using it a few times a day to check to see if there are any new watches coming up on Craigslist anywhere in the country. You of course need to be careful when buying from craigslist - especially when having a watch shipped...