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  1. Start Up Watch Companies - Crowdfunding
    Hi WUS, my name is Juan and I've just launched The McKinley Watch Co. Indiegogo page here. I'm currently a product designer/manager obsessed with design and watches, and I'm looking to deliver hand assembled (in the US) fine mechanical watches with Swiss movements for every day. Exclusive...
  2. Public Forum
    You all know RGM, maybe even read about Shinola in Detroit, but neither of these and other US based watch brands are regarded as 100% US made. Wouldn't that be a cool idea, to have USA Made instead of Swiss Made on the dial one day? I know there are some US citizens caring for the idea, and I...
  3. Public Forum
    -- ADVERTISEMENT (text and video, by Terranaut Watches) -- XL watches are now a well-established trend. But our customers complained that many oversized watches are just TOO EXTREME to wear every day - they were spending a small FORTUNE but only wearing their watch a few times per year. So...
1-3 of 3 Results