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  1. Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Hello All, I have the following crowns for sale. Most of them are fresh, unused and sealed. 069BA42132 069BA42138 069BA43137 069BB42137 069BB42145 069BC42139 069CA42086 069DP42123 069LA42019 069LA42077 069LA63109 069LD32031 069LD42052 069NA32003 069ST42023...
  2. WTT - Trade Corner
    Hi, I have alot of spare parts for the following Omega Calibres: 0000 260 267 268 269 320 330 390 391 410 420 440 450 470 480 484 485 500 502 510 550 560 563 600 613 620 625 640 651 662 670 671 680 680 683 710 725...
  3. Public Forum
    Hi Guys, Out of curiosity, I have been looking at my watches and all of them have some some degree of play/wobble on the crowns, albeit on some such as the BN0000-04H or other eco-drives the play is so slight could only be seen by looking at it up very close. My question is, would all brands...
  4. Public Forum
    Hi Guys, I noticed this in the citizen eco-drive manual today and I was wondering as to its meaning. I wonder is it something lost in translation or something like that. The line reads: Surely this does not mean that a rock solid eco-drive can be damaged by someone simply turning the crown in...
  5. Seiko
    Hi guys. I just bought a boxed 1990 7002-7009 off of SCWF and while the watch is basically brand new, and runs great, I noticed that the crown is a bit tight to screw and unscrew. It screws in on about 3.5 turns. From what I can see, the threads look great. Maybe I just need to "break it...
  6. Russian watches
    Hi, I saw this watch for sale but was wondering why it had two crowns? Heres some details: Caliber 2609; 17 Jewels; Petrodvorec Watch Factory mid-1980s
  7. Public Forum
    Guys, I'd like to share my post about watches crowns positions and I'd be very thankful for your comments on that. Thanks!
1-7 of 7 Results