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  1. What is this foggy patch on my Nomos? a scratch or fog?

    Public Forum
    Hi WUS just noticed this today there is a circular foggy patch in the centre of the crystal on my Nomos. I haven't bumped my watch against anything with any large force recently and have not scraped it on anything so I am quite confused as to how it got there and what is actually is. Could it...
  2. Timex "UFO" Crystal removal

    Hi, Brand new hobbyist here--I bought a set of tools to work on an iPad and decided what the hey, while I'm working on small things, why not fiddle around with a few old mechanical watches I had lying around that didn't work... Of course, I got hooked and bought more tools and more watches and...
  3. SKX013 top hat crystal causes bezel issue

    Has anybody run into this? I installed a sapphire top hat crystal in my SKX013, and now the bezel is extremely hard to turn. I hate to switch back to the original crystal, but I use the timing bezel often and it should be functional. I really like the look of the new crystal and want to make...
  4. Bezel and Crystal - General consensus regards to size tolerances

    Rolex & Tudor
    Hi! Since looking into refurbishing my grandfathers watch that was passed on to me I would like to ask the following. Is there a general consensus as what are the tolerances when we match a bezel with a crystal ? I will use my current predicament as an example. After finally figuring out...
  5. Replacing the mineral crystal with sapphire on PRW-3000-1A

    Casio G-Shock
    Has anyone actually done this and if so are there any guides/tips? I have searched but I cannot find any videos out there as of yet. I am tempted to buy a bit of a beat-up PRW-3000 to use as a test piece to disassemble and see how everything comes apart. I have a watch shop locally that will...
  6. FS: Seiko Crystal NOS USD10-20

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    For Sale NOS Seiko Crystals Acrylic & Mineral Available stock aftermarket Germanow-Simon (GS) & Newall and also Original Seiko OEM. Please note that packages may be torn/opened. Kindly refer to pictures. Acrylic GS (USD10 ea.): 305W04AN 313T01AN 285WO1AN00 300T12AN (2 available)...
  7. FS: Sapphire Crystal single dome for Seiko SNK (SNK803 SNK805 SNK807 SNK809) and many other Seiko 5s

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Brand new, never used 30 mm Sapphire Crystal, single dome. Edge thickness is 1.5 mm. Low profile, great looking dome, high quality sapphire crystal. $20.00 shipped, PayPal only (fees extra).
  8. New Seamaster 300m Crystal not level / uneven?

    I just acquired this watch last week, and while I love it, it seems the crystal is not set level. I could just be OCD over it, but there is just a hair difference (0.5mm) rise on the right side versus the left. It's not really visible, more so just felt. I have found extreme cases of this to...
  9. Crystal Part # Question

    I need to replace a cracked crystal on an early 1960's Seikomatic - the part number is 338W01AN, but when I look at NOS crystals on ebay, I'm finding a lot of 338W01AN0 and 338W01AN00 crystals. Can anyone tell me if there is difference between the three? I'd normally just have my watchmaker...
  10. Where to get Seiko 6309-7049 Replacement Crystal

    Hello - Where is the proper place to buy a replacement crystal for an old (70s/80s) Seiko 6309-7049? Are all Ebay sellers created equal, or are all crystals just fine? Or are some unreliable pieces of glass and I need to watch out? Pardon the basic question. I'm starting the process of...
  11. Lord Elgin cal 670 - How does it look? Cracked crystal?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi all! Found a Lord Elgin cal 670 that I like however there appear to be cracks on the top left and bottom right of the crystal Are the cracks large enough to cause problems? Not sure i can get it replaced easily in my country unfortunately It's going for about 75 USD What do you guys think...
  12. Seiko Open Thru Glass with a Mineral Crystal, Ugh!

    Hi all, I recently picked up a beautiful Lordmatic that's running well, but the stem is a little bent and needs replacing. Here's the problem, somewhere along the line (ie. the last repair job), somebody put a mineral crystal on the front and its an open through the front watch (no opening the...
  13. Does anyone know how to replace the crystal on the Casio GWM850-1 watch?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi, I need to replace the crystal on my Casio GWM850-1 G-shock watch. When I disassembled the watch, I took out the movement and what was left inside the case is what I think is the "solar plate" that has the labels (such as Multi Band 6) and the crystal. The "solar plate" seems to be fixed in...
  14. Discovered a spec underneath the crystal of my Sinn U1 Pro..

    Was taking some close ups of the watch when I noticed a small spec beneath the 3-mark. I've owned the watch for 3-4 weeks or so now and never looked close enough to realize it was there but now that I know it exists I can't help but stare at it every time I look down to tell the time. I'm...
  15. Inexpensive Crystal Lift

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Does anyone have experience using the inexpensive types of crystal lifts found on Amazon or eBay? These sell from $10 to $20. Do they work at all or is buying on a waste of money? Thanks
  16. 6138-0017 Crystal replacement and other parts

    Watchmaking, How To's and Technical Resources
    New here (well been lurking on and off for years) - picked up a nice 6138-0017 chrono a few years ago for next to nothing in a thrift store and finally getting around to restoring it. It needs a new bezel, crystal, possibly pusher springs, and who knows what else. Finally found a good and...
  17. Wakmann Regate Crystal - WANTED

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I have been looking for a Wakmann Regate crystal and seem to be coming up empty. Does anyone know of a source for these? I know of at least two people actively looking for replacements. If you know of a source, please respond. Thanks in advance. ~Quinnco
  18. Original King Seiko crystal vs replaced, and crystal thickness

    Vintage Watch Review (Vintage Japanese Watches)
    Hi guys, i got a King Seiko 5626-8000, hard to find info on this one but should be similar looking to 7000 series. I noticed the glass seem thick, after research i found that many of KS crystal has steeper bevel. So is my watch crystal replaced? Or is this a variation? Also is it possible for me...
  19. Where do I get a tiny watch crystal that's domed on both sides?

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    I have a Bulova Nightingale with a crystal that finally gave up the ghost. The problem is, I can't find a replacement crystal for it because the hands are completely flush with the case and all I can find are crystals that's only convex on the OUTSIDE, but not concave on the inside to give the...
  20. Invicta Flame Fusion Crystal ?uestion

    Affordable watches
    Has anyone ever heard of Invicta’s Flame Fusion crystal getting cloudy after a while?