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  1. Hodinkee Shop - Issues w/ Customer Service?

    Public Forum
    Hey all! Longtime lurker, first time poster. (I swear my posts won't be this naggy moving forward...) I've been a fan of Hodinkee for quite a while now - their video content, articles, products, etc. - but have recently run into a bit of snag with the shop and its customer service. I was...
  2. Yema Diver purchase - a very unfortunate experience

    Public Forum
    Hello all. For several months I had been shopping around and considering various dive watch models. Then I got a bonus check at work and pulled the trigger on a Yema Heritage quartz. I purchased the watch through the Yema website and received it 19 days later. This was not ideal given the...
  3. Who's good and who is bad in the customer service department?

    Affordable watches
    This is always in the back of my mind for just about everything I buy. Which companies have a track record/reputation/history of treating their customers with the good-to-great service? Who doesn't? With watches, I consider myself lucky on those few occasions that I remember to take what I...
  4. Positive social media only? Brands that remove comments that are not to their liking

    Public Forum
    I'd like to get the following objection out of the way: The pages, twitter feeds, Instagram etc are all for the purposes of my rant their property and sure they have a right to do this but at what cost to the brand? I only comment on watches I may actually buy or have an interest in. Just...
  5. Steinhart customer service terrible

    Placed an order a week ago for a nav b , but have since changedy mind, i have sent 4 emails over the last 5 days and have had absolite zero response ,, contact number does not work from the uk either, i need this sorted before they despatch the order, any ideas
  6. Blushark NATO straps

    Hi everyone New joiner to this great site here. Been 'lurking' for a couple of weeks since finding you all; reading some excellent reviews and other useful info . . . This is my first post; so hoping I don't contravene any forum rules, because, if I'm completely honest; I haven't read them...
  7. Which Watch Companies Have the Best/Worst Service?

    Public Forum
    Hey All, I've been an avid watch collector for a about 9 years now, but when I first started out, all I cared about was aesthetics. If it looked cool, I was on board. As I got older and became more interested in horology, I started to become more interested in less superficial attributes of...
  8. Helberg and their CS

    Dive watches
    Hi! Anyone recently contacted Helberg(Clemens)? I've tried their site(contact at 2 times in last three weeks and nothing. And also left a message on Fb,but still no reply. It's kinda sad that i have to resort to this.
  9. NATO Strap Co - Robert Cappa *****First Rate******

    Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    Looking for new NATO's? For those of you that have not visited their site - NATO Strap Co is a first rate seller. Customer Service (Robert Cappa) and Product quality is excellent. Great selection and deals on straps that get better with the more you buy. Orders are...
  10. New Watches and Their Replacements Both Arrived with Scratches: Inevitable?

    Public Forum
    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster here. I really enjoyed reading all the great things you all have to say on this wonderful forum! I recently purchased two Frederique Constant automatic watches, one Classics and the other Persuasion Heartbeat, from an online grey-market seller. The...
  11. Customer Service at Omega

    Just throwing this out there to find out what kind of experience people have had from Omega... I had certain general and specific complaints concerning the replacement of my Seamaster's leather strap at their new store in Paris which I put to them in an exceedingly polite and carefully written...
  12. Abysmal Stowa Experience

    Jörg Schauer & STOWA
    I received my Stowa Marine Original with roman numerals in the mail this past week, and I was sorely disappointed. I was reassured serveral times that I would receive a croc strap and deployant clasp. Of course, I paid for these added features. However, when my watch arrived it came with the...
  13. Alpina - customer service

    Frédérique Constant - Ateliers deMonaco - Alpina
    Just wanted to give a thumbs up |> for the customer service response from Alpina. And I haven't even received the actual watch yet. short history: I purchased an Alpina Startimer chronograph "online" from an authorized dealer as I was unable to travel to the location and I cannot find Alpina...
  14. Joma Shop--Return/Warranty Issue

    Public Forum
    Hi All, Relatively new to this forum, but long time lurker. I recently purchased a Hamilton Navy Pioneer Silver Dial watch from jomashop. The price, delivery, and all that jazz was great. I was heartened, after reading some seriously polarized feedback about the website here and on other...
  15. Ebel 1911 Taking on water -- Anybody else have this problem?

    Public Forum
    I have an Ebel 1911 which I absolutely love. I'm not a watch guy -- this is the first watch I've ever owned that cost more than $39.99, but my wife bought it for me as a gift in 2007, and I love the style, weight, color, face, etc. She chose Ebel because she has worn a ladies Ebel for many...
  16. Steinhart Customer Service Praise!

    I wanted to share with everyone a great experience I had with customer service over at Steinhart. I bought a Steinhart Aviation GMT this past summer. Well, after a few months of wearing this wonderful timepiece, I was shocked to see that 2 of the 4 screws on the front of the case had somehow...
  17. Invicta Customer Service is the worst!

    Public Forum
    I bought an Invicta Coalition Forces watch. Love the design but within a year, the battery was dead. I took it to a local Invicta dealer who replaced the battery, pressure tested the watch and I was on my way. Withing two months, the watch stopped working. I took it back to the dealer who said...
  18. Problems with my new Speedmaster Professional

    I just recently bought a Speedmaster Professional and there were three moments where the watch stopped functioning. At first I thought I forgot to wind it up, so I wound it up and then it would start going again. But it happened two more times afterwards. I will probably bring it in to get it...
  19. Spare Zixen Bracelet Links, any customer service issues with Zixen?

    Dive watches
    This is a note to all those Zixen owners out there. I picked up a Zixen mesh bracelet that is one or two links too short. Zixen declined to sell me a link. Any others have customer service issues like this with Zixen? I know this is absolutely no problem for most manufacturers (even if they...