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  1. CWC RN Diver Quartz MK2 [EU]

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    Hi, I've got a CWC RN Diver Quartz MK2 for sale, perhaps the ultimate diver's/beater watch for those who enjoy functional things. The watch is in good condition with small signs of use, two years of warranty left and it comes with the full set including all the straps pictured below. Some...
  2. CWC SBS Mk2 RN Quartz Day/Date Diver 2018 Model *SOLD*

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Ok, finally getting around to re-posting this after a busy summer. I pulled it because we were traveling a lot and I didn't want to have a sale that I couldn't take care of promptly. It's in excellent condition, only worn around the house as I spent more time this summer with other watches. I'm...
  3. Busy Bee Diver Custom [picture heavy]

    Dive watches
    Since a while already I was looking for a rugged, no-nonsense dive watch that would combine a sporty look and a design that could easily fit under a shirt's wrist if the circumstances would call for such measures. Seiko MM300 was one of the obvious candidates but I quickly realized it is a bit...
  4. SOLD CWC Royal Navy Divers Automatic, Date, 300m diver - $550

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For sale is my standbye, a Cabot Watch Company Royal Navy Divers automatic divers watch. These retail on the Silverman's website for 515 UK pounds, about $780. Mine is in good condition, a few light scratches but generally in great shape. It has just been serviced and regulated. 90% It has a...
  5. WTT: Seiko Automatic Diver for CWC G10 (pre 2000)

    WTT - Trade Corner
    Hi Fellas, I'm looking to swap my Seiko Automatic Diver for a pre 2000 CWC G10. The Seiko was purchased new by me in 2005. It works well and keeps great time for an Automatic. It has some wear, as it was worn daily for a couple of years. This version has optional Arabic Numerals for the...
  6. CWC automatic divers watch. Any experience?

    Pilots' & Military watches
    Hi all I was never a military watch person but this one is really growing in me: CWC automatic divers watch with date See link CWC - Cabot Watch Company | Royal Navy Divers Automatic Was wondering if any of you guys had experience of this watch? Does it feel well made? Also can't find any info...
  7. My CWC collection

    Pilots' & Military watches
    Group photo of my new family :-! From left to right: RN Diver, Chronograph, W10 automatic and the GS2000
  8. FS- CWC, Dweller, Sub

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    Here are a few for sale... Rolex 16800 sub...head is in great shape...comes on a bond and bracelet with service box and cloth...$2950 net...Call it TZ 89% CWC auto diver...fantastic watch...has the tin...small scratch on crystal...$470 net...Call it TZ 92% Rolex Seadweller A...