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  1. OceanX Swiss Made Damascus Steel 300M - SMS311 Sharkmaster 300+ PHOTOS

    Dive watches
    Hi all, I am not into homage watches at all. But when I come around this OceanX, I just couldn't take my hands off it. The material itself is astonishing, only 50 pieces produced. And I am lucky enough to get one of this stunning beauty. Because of the Damascus layout, this assured me there...
  2. Baselworld 2015: GoS - Patrik Sjögren Live Video Interview

    An insightful interview with Patrik discussing his background, hand forged Damascus steel, and his latest Nordic Seasons Gold watch.
  3. Pre-Baselworld SCOOP from GoS Watches !

    GoS Watches will introduce a new model at Baselworld 2014. GoS Watches is very excited about the "high contrast" stainless damascus steel for which Johan Gustafsson invented and refined the creation process during the autumn. This gives them another edge (no pun intented) on their previous...
  4. GoS Watches: Aurora - the goddess of dawn

    Public Forum
    The partnership between master blade smith Johan Gustafsson and watchmaker Patrik Sjogren was forged to provide truly unique watches, inspired by the beauty of northern Scandinavia and the ancient Swedish tradition of metallurgy. GoS proudly presents Aurora, a strictly limited edition watch...
  5. Check out this great video about GoS watches

    Public Forum
    Check out this wonderful video that GoS US retailer Picciones has put together: More at
  6. Announcement for GoS Watches event in Santa Barbara

    Public Forum
    33 Jewels at El Paseo and Tempus Fugit Media are very pleased to invite you to their one-day event welcoming Patrik Sjögren of GoS Watches to Santa Barbara on Sunday August the 4th, 1:00 - 4:00 PM! Gustafsson & Sjögren's GoS timepieces combine the work of a master watchmaker and an artisan...
  7. Amazing pictures of the GoS Winter Nights, by Jocke

    Public Forum
    We received these photos from GoS Watches taken by their photographer Jocke. We think he has done a tremendous job knowing their watches are difficult to capture and usually look better "live". You can check the pictures I took myself at the GoS Watches booth at Baselworld 2013. So what do...
  8. One of the nicest surprises I saw at Baselworld: GoS Watches had their own booth !

    And of course I knew they would have a booth, before I traveled to Basel, because Patrik already contacted me upfront and we scheduled an appointment. Funny though, because this was the first time we met "officially". All previous times we met at Baselworld, we met on the outskirts of the halls...
  9. Exclusive pictures of the new Braun / GoS movement

    High-end watches
    Patrik Sjögren wrote to me and told me he was working on the bridge finishing of the first Braun/GoS-movements. With pleasure he shares a preview of this high-end craftsmanship with you all. Attached is also a photo that shows one of the available options of the Winter Nights. GoS...
  10. GoS Nordic Seasons completed with the release of the Winter edition

    Public Forum
    The partnership between the bladesmith Johan Gustafsson and watchmaker Patrik Sjögren aims toprovide truly unique watches, created with inspiration from the cold north of Scandinavia and theancient Swedish tradition in metallurgy. GoS proudly presents - Winter - the last edition the Nordic...
  11. Nordic Seasons: A stunning new collection from GoS

    High-end watches
    Swedish bladesmith Johan Gustafsson and watchmaker Patrik Sjögren work in traditional Swedish metallurgy traditions which date back to the days of the Vikings. They have just released a new and strictly limited edition of watches called Nordic Seasons – a stunning series of watches which take...
  12. Please welcome our new sponsor: H2O

    Dive watches
    Many of you already know about H2O and the watches they produce, given the high number of reads and replies to recent posts by H2O. Watchuseek is proud H2O decided to sign up as a sponsor and keep informing our members and visitors about their current and upcoming collections. Related link: H2O...
  13. GoS shows their new movement prototype

    News from the Watch Industry
    Dear all, Below you will find a couple of images of the GoS (full name: Gustafsson o Sjögren) movement prototype that Mr. Patrick Sjögren finished assembly of yesterday. It has a 3/4-bridge of solid handforged Damascus steel and is based on a Unitas 6498 with Soprod-improvements. I was told...
  14. Gustafsson & Sjögren, the making of Mosaic Damascus steel

    Public Forum
    Attached you'll find a few images from Gustafsson & Sjögren about the making of Mosaic Damascus steel. Picture descriptions: 4. The frame is filled with material arranged in a pattern and ready to get heated up. 6. The frame is put in the oven... 7. Johan begins to work the frame by using a...
  15. New Bathys Damascus Cases Are Made in Germany

    German watches
    Aloha Everyone, Not trying to violate the spirit (or rules) of this forum, but I thought that although the new Bathys Damascus watches will be assembled in Solothurn (and therefore will be "Swiss Made), the readers of this forum would be happy to know that these very special cases are being...
  16. Angular Momentum - New Product - The Rose Damascus Digital

    News from the Watch Industry
    Angular Momentum has created a new line of special and limited timepieces with unique medallions with aperture for digital time display. Among them the “Rose Damascus Digital“ with a hand forged 1200 layers Damascus steel medallion set under the sapphire crystal. Every medallion is an individual...