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  1. Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic H325150 - black date wheel mod

    Hope this is the right forum... My first mechanical watch was a Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic (H325150), purchased in ~2011. A few tech details: Movement: ETA 2824-2 Diameter: ca. 40 mm w/o crown Height: ca. 11 mm Lug width: 20 mm guilloché dial Date at 3:00 applied, silver indexes...
  2. What is up with Raymond Weil!!!

    Public Forum
    Why, if you're a middle sized watch company, can't you match the date wheel to the colour of the dial! I'm getting a good deal on an RW, but the date wheel not matching the dial is annoying! If a microbrand watch can do it (Vapaus), why can't you? Why would you just customise the rotor, but not...
  3. Movement Identification Help!

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    Hi all, new member here looking for some help to try and identify a movement im needing to replace. I have a mechanical movement in one of my watches which has stopped working and i am wanting to replace it with a like for like movement, after much research online i believed i had identified...
  4. Do you always keep your date complication up-to-date?

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    Just out of curiosity, when you wear watches with a date wheel, maybe even something fancy like a perpetual/annual calendar, do you always make sure your date is accurate, especially on months with less than 31 days or when your watch needs winding? Would you judge someone for having the right...
  5. Did I break my watch?

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    Hi. I am new here. I just got a new Citizen Eco-Drive Watch. It is a B620 Caliber. I was adjusting the date (this watch only has the date, no day or year). It was around 10:30 PM. I just looked at the manual and it said to not adjust the date between 9:00 PM and 1:00 AM. I am an idiot and I am...
  6. How is the date wheel fixed?? Rolex 1065 movement

    I am stuck! I disassembled this nice old movement some time ago. I have been waiting for parts and now I am all set to mount the dial and hands. Then I discover there is nothing to secure the date wheel..! See picture below. In a 1570 movement there are flat pieces of metal mounted round the...
  7. 6309 7040 black date wheel conversion

    Hey guys, I just bought a 6309 7040 off of the bay and I absolutely love the case. However, I would like to mod the watch with a black day/date wheel (in addition to a new dial and a few more things). What are my options to accomplish this? I have multiple 7002s that I have installed 7s26...
  8. Swiss mvmt date wheel vs Japnese mvmt date wheel

    Have anyone noticed the date wheel of Swiss movements like ETA moves in anit-closkwise, where as in the Japanese movements like the Seiko, citizen etc the date wheel moves in the Clockwise direction??
  9. Waltham watch date wheel problems

    Hi, This is my first post to watchuseek. I took apart a Waltham watch to reset the set lever. In order to do that I had to remove the hands and dial. A small part fell out that keeps the date wheel from moving. I replaced this part by pushing it against the spring and screwed the cover plate...
  10. Speedmaster Date Wheel color

    I just purchased a used Seamaster Pro (2541.80.00). I sent the serial # to Omega and they (actually) responded within 36 hours and confirmed the watch was a 2541.80 and originally sold in 2003. I also took it to a local jeweler who opened it up and said he did not find any signs that it had...
  11. LWE: Tiffany & Co Vintage Wrist Watch

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