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  1. Public Forum
    So this is a point I see brought up a lot in YouTube watch reviews: "I wish the date wheel was color matched, it would make the dial more symmetric" It seems like something people automatically blurt out without considering how it would actually affect the dial symmetry. I think a lot of the...
  2. Public Forum
    The popular opinion is that 6 o'clock placement for the date window is more aesthetically desirable than 3 o'clock placement. The main reason being that at 6 o'clock the dial looks more symmetrical. My question is for those people who actually prefer the 3 o'clock date. What are your reasons for...
  3. Rolex & Tudor
    I'm wondering the best way to protect a watch face with a magnification lens over the date window. Like on the Rolex Submariner Date watch, for example. Shopping online reveals a plethora of hard and flexible watch face protectors, but I couldn't find any that seem to specifically address this...
  4. Affordable watches
    When your collection is getting out of hand, there are two main issues: 1. Batteries deplete 2. Dates are off I can't fix one, so I'm fixing two. Show me your no-date affordables! Here are mine: Obris Morgan Explorer V1 A 'seventies Kienzle The Aevig Corvid Alpha Titanium Pilot...
  5. Public Forum
    Unique Date Windows -.Show me what you have! I'm looking for a watch with a unique date window similar to the Cartier Roadster. I came across the Orient Chute which also has a fairly uncommon window. Show me what you have! Also... if you own the Orient, what do you think of it? I'm not in...
  6. Public Forum
    Based on engineering of a mechanical movement? Because if you wear it left handed, you can see the date first, if you wear long sleeve clothing? Wouldn't a Grand Seiko quartz with double windows (edit: big date complication) at 6 o'clock be a sweet design :-s
  7. Tissot
    I had a problem with my Tissot PR50 Sports Chrono T34.1.588.32 so i had to replace its ETA G10.211 movement, but after replacement of movement its date window is not appearing on the correct position, however rest of the watch is working satisfactory, any suggestions what can i do to correct it,
  8. DWF Project Watch
    Hi guys, By popular request we have decided to do a date window location runoff based on our current progress and latest renders. We have also added the 6 position. This poll will run for 72 hours. Please only vote if you are on the registration list. -Rocky
  9. Public Forum
    Some have probably helped me decide between another Orient and this Orient. You can see that thread here...if you want... Anyways. I received the watch last Friday, and of course since I've never had an automatic before or...
  10. Public Forum
    With the watches these days getting bigger and bigger and the movements inside being the same, I find that in most watches the date window is located too close to the center. In most cases the date window seems like a design afterthought placed there just because of market requirements - a...
  11. Affordable watches
    All, I'm after something very thin and need a date window. $200 or less would be great but I'll keep saving for something more expensive. MUST HAVE: Needs at least date, day would be nice too. Must be under 7mm, 5-6mm would be fantastic. Might have to go just over, see Orient pic below...
1-11 of 13 Results