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  1. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hi all, I'm looking to kick off my vintage watch collection with a 1960's Omega Seamaster de Ville with a stainless steel or black dial (appreciate that these are rather rare). Does anyone have one that they're willing to part way with? Thank you for this space, Candle00
  2. eBay Auctions
    Morning All! I have a gentleman's Omega De Ville watch for sale: Vintage OMEGA De Ville Quartz Swiss Watch Cal 1430 | eBay
  3. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hello all, I acquired this last year and after having it for a few months, I think its time to move this timepiece. Details below: Model: De Ville Co-Axial Chronograph. Case diameter: 41mm excl. crown. Movement: Omega 3313B. In case you didn't know this movement is based on Frederic Piguet...
  4. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    [URL=] Messages: 6 Location: Seoul Registered: July 2015 ★Product & Price★ Vintage Omega Seamaster De ville 14k gold bezel, Day date, cal.1020, 36mm - USD $1,370 the price is included Paypal fee and...
  5. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I'm trying to find any information about this watch as possible - the resemblance to a Golden Ellipse is striking, even more so in person. The bracelet is a fixed fine stainless mesh. The watch itself is pristine and was just serviced by an official Omega service center last month for 500...
  6. Omega
    Hi, I have a question about the case and guilding/plating or however it was done. I think the watch is genuine but is badly damaged: ( I got it on an auction and paid $30.00). The faceneeds attention and clean. I think there was water in the winding area because the male part stem is...
  7. Omega
    Dear forum members, I have a question regarding my dad's De Ville. I've tried very hard to identify it, and have made some progress, but I'm still unsure about some specifics. I considered posting this in the fake busters subforum, but then again, I don't suspect it's a fake. Moderators: please...
  8. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
  9. Omega
    This is my first post in the Omega forum. Here is my new beauty, the Omega De Ville Trésor, 40mm, yellow gold, limited edition (05/88) Ivory Enamel Dial. Picked it up today from an Omega boutique. After nearly 3 years of searching for perfect dress watch with a white dial and true yellow gold...
  10. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I'm looking to get my hands on a good condition Omega De Ville, model 431. I'm based in Sydney, Australia but I'm also willing to consider an overseas purchase. PM me please!
  11. Omega
    Hi all, Just discovered the De Ville Chronograph (ref 141755). It's gorgeous, it uses the 861 Cal. movement (same as the Speedmaster moon watch), looks like these were made in the 90's and 2000's. My question is, do you have any more info about this model, its reputation, why its so much...
  12. Omega
    Hey all, This is one of the most beautiful Omega chronos I've seen (I may even prefer it to the Speedmaster), but I can't seem to find much about this specific reference. I believe it's from the mid-90's. Any idea on this model, reputation, movement, going prices, etc? Thanks! Trevor
  13. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Omega Seamaster De Ville 18K Gold Case with Cal 563 movement. Listing this for a family friend (he is not computer literate and does not speak/write English very well.) He also has a Rolex 1601 Datejust and an Omega Constellation for sale. Sorry about the mediocre photos the watch actually...
  14. Public Forum
    Hi all, My wife has taken a liking to this Omega (De Ville Co-Axial Annual Calendar, steel on steel) She likes the larger case size (41mm), the steel strap, steel case, white face, Roman numerals... but isn't insisting on a "date" (I guess the day would be nice, but month not important) With...
  15. Omega
    Can someone identify what era this watch belong to? I dont think i have seen this kind of dial/face ever. Maybe someone can help me here identify this exact model Thanks!
  16. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
  17. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Condition: near mint Works: properly The above personal ratings are given in accordance with my profession (check the bio): I assure you that, whenever I stress out this fact, I proudly wear it at work and rely (on what concerns its accuracy) on the watch put up for sale. I would also like to...
  18. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi! Can anyone tell me more about this Omega de Ville (ca 40mm wide)? Do you believe the dial has been repainted? Do you have any idea how old the watch might be? Do you know anything about the model or even the reference number? I realize a picture of the movement would have been helpful...
  19. Public Forum
    Hi What is everyone's opinion on the above watches - and which would you choose? Can anyone please advise on the pros/cons of the pieces, particularly re. the movements. Is the any other models I should consider in the sub £3.5k bracket (note, not interested in the second hand market Thanks
  20. Omega
    Hi all, This is my first post and I think I am doing this correctly... I recently purchased a stainless 1960's omega seamaster de ville with a date function, I am aware that it has had a 'freshen up' in regards to the dial and glass but my question is in regards to the movement and case...
21-40 of 84 Results