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  1. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Want to buy a black dial Deep Blue Ocean Diver. Looking for great condition. If you have one, please pm me or email me at ditch.alex at gmail dot com . thanks :-!
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    ***SOLD*** Thanks to the buyer and WUS. My collection is too diver-heavy and I need to pare down... This DB 2000 is in excellent condition, with only a few minor signs of normal wear, strap changes etc., please see pics. Timed over 24 hours part on/part of wrist and was +/-0 seconds...
  3. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Not looking any more thanks,Deep Blue Master 2000 with blue dial, black hands prefered but would take the blue. I would like the whole kit. If you are looking to sell shoot me a PM. Thanks Charlie
  4. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD****************SOLD Just received this yesterday but can't keep it. Couple of hairline scratches on one of the lugs from me changing out the bracelet and putting on the zulu strap. OCEAN DIVER 500- Black Bezel/ Black Dial/ Orange Hands 500 meters/1650 Depth rating Swiss Made ETA 2824-2...
  5. Dive watches
    Does anyone know which grade of ETA 2824-2 Deep Blue uses in its Master 2000? Also, if you own one, I would love to know its accuracy over time. Thank you, BMac
  6. Dive watches
    Hey guys...just wanted to tell you about my experience with Stan from Deep Blue and Panatime. Being that I work in NYC, I decided to visit Panatime in person and view some of their straps. I walked in and was introduced to Stan. I looked around and saw all the Deep Blue items and realized...
  7. Dive watches
    Hey guys, I've seen many posts comparing the 2000M and the Zixen, Helson, Halios, etc. I just don't understand why the Deep Blue doesn't get a fair shake. I am a dive watch collector/fanatic and I'm an actual avid SCUBA diver with many dive watches to his collection (Panerai, Breitling...
  8. Dive watches
    Hey all, I'm thinking of taking the plunge into the dive watch world, and after researching for countless hours, I think I've come up with a number 1 for my list--now it's up to all of you to talk me into what you think might be better for the money, or simply concede that I have indeed found...
  9. Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    Deep Blue Master Timer chronograph dive watch with quartz movement (miyota os 20). Pretty large 44mm diameter case with 17mm thickness. The case is stainless steel and constructed from 5 parts. The dial is the best part. Black carbon fiber with white/orange/red accent colors with a date window...
  10. Dive watches
    Hey guys, I have a Prometheus Ocean Diver and really like the look of it. For some reason though, it just doesn't look like a divers watch to me. I was thinking about flipping the OD and getting a Deep Blue 2000m (black with blue hands or orange hands...can't decide) w/ the swiss movement...
  11. Dive watches
    I am looking at both just can't seem to make up my mind. Any thoughts on which one I should pull the trigger on. Thanks Kevin
  12. Dive watches
    I'm looking at a Deep Blue dive watch, and I was wondering if anyone has any input on them. Love them? Just like them? Anything would be a help. I did a search on this forum and it doesn't look like there is a lot of info available. They look like a lot of watch for the buck. I'm...