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  1. Watch Concepts & Designs
    What you guys think about this design? its 47mm.
  2. Public Forum
    I've been looking into Ebel watches lately, but I've noticed that other than the chronos, most have a very strange, unusual look to them. I was just wondering if anyone has some more "normal looking" Ebels? Also, one poster on this forum left an image of one that I found quite nice, and I was...
  3. Watch Concepts & Designs
    This is a design I started earlier this morning and I had the idea to do a watch with a tourbillon movement and I think this came out to be my best watch design ever. Working here at Movado as a student intern I learned a lot of illustrator techniques(also learned a lot about the design process)...
  4. Watch Concepts & Designs
    well this is my pathetic attempt at 3D in illustrator, yes illustrator...ahaha...well this isn't exactly how I would like this to come out on a legit 3D program but it's some what close....
  5. Watch Concepts & Designs
    For those curious...This is how I begin my watch illustrations. I did this Bell & Ross today, I'll finish this completely sometime next week.
  6. Watch Concepts & Designs
    Love I decided to re-create one of their designs on illustrator.:-!
  7. Watch Concepts & Designs
  8. Watch Concepts & Designs
    I love U-BOAT watches..this gave me the idea to design something inspired by it out....thanks!
  9. Watch Concepts & Designs
    Just having fun with illustrator....this is a comp...not complete....but trying to have a motorbike influence....
1-9 of 9 Results