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  1. Public Forum
    What is the ideal dial color for your GADA (Go Anywhere Do Anything) watch? I tend towards black, but that's mostly because I'm a bald white guy, so when I wear a white watch... it just feels like there's too much white going on. I'm curious what your ideal dial color is for a GADA, and why...
  2. Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hello everyone, I'm designing a few watch models that are based on polished gemstones. I'd love to get your general feedback, but I'm also struggling with one specific choice. Obviously, the most prominent feature on each watch is the dial (which is an actual macro shot of an agate). I'm...
  3. Rolex & Tudor
    Hi. Found this on eBay. Are the dial markings (letters) still original or redone? NVM the dial face its patina'd. I'm curious how original this dial is. What about the hands and seconds hand? TIA guys
  4. Public Forum
    With the lockdown, I seem to have too much internet surfing time and too little shop-visit time. So I think its time, I finally shop for that casual watch. I currently have the Zenith El Primero Blue dial open heart (42mm) on my 16.5 cm (6.5") wrist and I find it ok when I wear a shirt or a...
  5. Longines
    As some of you might know, I've been reading exchanges on this site for years, but have yet to purchase a mechanical. I'm finally leaning in the direction of the Conquest GMT (aka, "24-Hour") that came out some four years ago. Thing is, I'm torn between the silver, blue and black dials and...
  6. Watchmaking
    I want to make a dial similar to the ones on Seagull watches: -SeaGull USA / M170S_ST25_AUTOMATIC_SEA-GULL Seagullwatch Singapore silver/white with engravings. Maybe they use this method: Can anyone inform me how they do it and what materials they use?
  7. Breitling
    I'm hoping someone can help me solve this little problem I have with a Breitling Steelfish I recently bought on the Bay. The watch was advertised as having a blue dial, but when I opened the watch box, I couldn't believe my eyes. The watch had a grey dial. I thought I had made a mistake and had...
  8. Public Forum
    I currently have six watches and four different colour dials: White, black, blue and orange (Not counting sub-dials) How many watches and how many different colour dials are you rocking in your collection?
  9. Omega
    Dear WUS members, I'm a 20 year old med student living in Switzerland, THE watch country. A few months ago, I fell in love with those Aqua Terras (8500 calibre) I saw at the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich (very famous luxury shopping street). Still trying to decide which size fits me best (34 or 38.5...
  10. DWF Project Watch
    Here is the second batch of colors to choose from for the F74 Project Watch. The winner of this poll will be featured in a runoff against the Blue dial which won the first poll. This poll will run for 48 hours.
  11. DWF Project Watch
    Here is the first poll of two for dial colors. This poll will run for 48 hours and then we will post the next set...and then we will have a runoff to determine the winner. #1 Black #2 Silver (there will be a grey in the second poll) #3 Blue #4 Orange -Rocky
  12. German watches
    I've been coveting the new 2012 Glashutte Original PanomaticLunar (SS with Silver face, blue hands, black strap) after a long search and was excited to finally see it in person at an AD, ready to pull the trigger. Then I saw the color of the dial and date discs. Hmmm.... The dial is a "warm...
  13. Public Forum
    I am looking into buying a new watch but am going back and forth about the color of dial--black or white. I like both colors for an all-round watch, and I was wondering if the color of dial made scratches of the crystal more or less noticeable. My initial thought was that a crystal over a black...
1-13 of 13 Results