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  1. Watchmaking
    Hey, So I upgraded the bezel on my Duro recently and have now decided to do a new sapphire crystal from crystaltimes. My question is, can I upgrade the dial? I'd like to upgrade the lume but not sure what that entails. Is it hard? I got this thing for $22 at target about a year ago and since...
  2. Seiko
    Longtime lurker here and I'm rolling around ideas for a mod. I found a dial I like on Dagaz but for various reasons I'd like to remove the "SUB 200m" from the dial face. Solvent is out. It would just make a smudge and probably seep over to the 4:00 indices and be game over. The margins are too...
  3. MK II
    I'm new to modding and I know that I'm a few years too late to get parts easily. However, do any of you experts out there know how I could get a hold of a dial/hand set like the one below? I just bought the same case and don't want the Corvette carbon fiber dial on there now.
  4. Watchmaking
    Hi guys, I just made my own watch dial, but I am not sure which movement will fit this dial. here's some information about this dial: Shape: round diameter : 29.5mm thickness: 1.342mm (measured using Mitutoyo's digital micrometer) with that thickness, I believe that I cannot pick any high hand...
  5. Public Forum
    Hi guys, I am planning to make my first custom dial watches for my parents and grandparents, but I cannot decide on the movement that I should use. I am thinking between: automatic: 1. miyota M8215 2. miyota M8245 3. miyota M9015 4. sea gull movement: I need recommendation quartz: I am not sure...
  6. Watchmaking
    Hello my fellow watch lovers! I have been lurking around but am new to to the forums. I just got sucked into tinkering and modifying my watches and boy is it fun. I recently bought a new movement the ST2530 or TY2530 (not sure which is more correct) and am planning to put it into a case that i...
  7. Casio G-Shock
    I've heard that the dial of the DW5600 is glued directly to the crystal. Is there any way to remove the dial without damaging the crystal and possibly swap it with a different dial as in the DW6900? Also, is it possible to put a module from a DW5600e into a module case of a DW5600c? Thanks!
  8. Watchmaking
    I'm sure someone will want this thread bumped over to "pocketwatches", but I thought awhile and decided this still fit in the watchmaking category...So I come across these little pocketwatches from time to time (no need for ID help as I am well familiar with them) They have several different...
  9. Watchmaking
    Hey guys, So I'm new here and I searched on the forum for an answer to my question, but was unable to find it. So I'm hoping you can help me out. I was wondering what the best way to get a logo onto a dial would be? Also where would I buy numbers and/or roman numerals to use on the dial...
  10. AZIMUTH - Avant-Garde Complications
    Check out details here! AZIMUTH - AVANT-GARDE COMPLICATIONS or Official Azimuth Watch | Facebook
  11. Watchmaking
    Kind of a big question, right? A dream maybe? I have modded and built from bits of this and bits of that in the past. I love putting a watch together and making it "mine". It has always been a dream of mine to start a micro watch company, and it is now sink or swim time! A possible midlife...
  12. Public Forum
    Does anyone know of a person/company that can custom edit a dial if I send it in? Specifically, I would like to have the minute/second markers and military time (14-22) on my watch to be "scratched" (removed) out and replaced (printed on) with this design where the minute/second markers are.
1-12 of 12 Results