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  1. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Looking for an Oris Aquis with an eye catching dial. I listed just a few of them in the title. Much prefer original owner, full kit and mint condition. Thanks.
    $2,999 USD
  2. Want to Buy Seiko SARB017 Dial

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Looking to buy a Seiko Alpinist (SARB017) dial. I would also entertain purchasing a SARB017 that's in bad condition for parts.
  3. Watchmaking
    Hi, I'm looking for 2 Valjoux 92 dials with a diameter of 28mm or less. If anyone has any leads on suitable parts I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  4. Public Forum
    Hi, Does anyone know how this dial Himalaya Everest Edition II was made? won’t dust fall into the movement? Or won’t it crack?
  5. Public Forum
    Hello everyone, Thanks to you all, I now understand how dial feet are an excellent mechanism to secure it in place. I want to fit a dial which is much bigger than the movement. Movement will be secured by a movement holder (plastic/3d printed) and I would want to attach this dial feet also to...
  6. Public Forum
    I have been thinking about this but why are dial feet necessary? Is there a way to avoid them altogether?
  7. Watchmaking
    Hello everyone, I am planning and prototyping an initial production run of my watch lineup and had some questions. I will be making enamel/enamel-painted/cloisonne dials. I have decided to work with an alloy of pure/fine silver and pure/fine gold. A dial as thick as 2mm or more for easier...
  8. Public Forum
    Hey people, I was wondering what you think would be cool watches that could compliment a collection of rather classic pieces (think Explorer 1, Navitimer, Sub). I was thinking about the GO Panomatic Lunar, but here the wow effekt comes with the complication, movement and finish. GS White Birch...
  9. Grand Seiko
    Hello! I wonder if anyone knows how is grand seiko snowflake dial made. Thank you!
  10. Mühle-Glashütte
    Hello all, While I don't wear ladies' watches myself, I have an interest in original designs regardless of who the watches are marketed for. In this segment, the Teuntonia IV Lady from Muhle stands out with a really nicely weighted, graphic, geometric, and modest dial, which I find especially...
  11. Russian watches
    Hi guys, I recently saw some vintage Vostok's, which have "Антимагнитные" written on the dial, meaning antimagnetic. Antimagnetic is also said in this documentary of the Vostok watch factory.: My question is, are today's Komandirskie's and Amphibia's also antimagnetic? Because I didn't see...
  12. Rolex & Tudor
    Hi there, Interested in a 16200 I see for sale. It looks clean enough, but the dial seems off in the sense that I haven't seen this style on a 5 digit Datejust. Most of them seem to have just markings or the roman numerals around the chapter ring with the stick indices. This has the wider...
  13. Orient
    I am trying to mod a Chinese watch that uses an Epson YN55a movement, which I think is the same as the F6922 movement from Orient. Would an NH35 Dial Work?
  14. LACO
    Hello, I have just joined. Hope I am following the rules correctly. Laco offers its Pilot Watch Original (and its newer Flieger Pro) in various sizes from 39mm to 45mm. From the website pictures, it seems to me that their dials grow proportionally with size, and it is not just the bezel that...
  15. Public Forum
    Which dress watch do you find the most beautiful?
  16. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD Selling down my collection of Orients to a more manageable size, all up I have 15 pieces I will be moving on over the coming weeks, all modified lightly. I've been working on and customising Orients to a high standard for years and know them well, you can find some other of my pieces in...
  17. Affordable watches
    Today it dawned on me how enjoyable I find a matching date wheel. While at times it's better to have no date at all, I do find myself attempting to reference a date on watches without one while in rotation. It's always nicer to see a date wheel integrated into the dial instead of contrasting...
1-20 of 294 Results