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  1. Casio G-Shock
    I recently got a mudman g9300. I wore it while playing football in a muddy field ( hey, its a mudman! lol :p ) and well, my watch got soaked in the mud. I wanna clean it now. Before I open up a new G shock and unknowingly destroy it, I request the knowledgeable members of this forum to plz guide...
  2. Omega
    Hi all, I'm getting my Ploprof 1200 DLC'd, and need to disassemble it before shipping. My questions: Does anyone know how to remove the bezel lock button from the case? I've searched through and through and I cannot find a schematic of the watch that might aide in my disassembly. Thanks :D
  3. Suunto
    Hello all, I am a proud owner of a Suunto T4c for a few months now. Unfortunately - I have a crack on the (glass?) lens which slowly cause the inner part to buildup condensation. I don't think lens cracks are can be returned and fixed under warranty right? My question is - Has anyone...
  4. Watchmaking
    This might sound like a dumb question but I am new to watch assembly/dis-assembly. Somehow a piece of dirt got on the inside of my watch (prob from changing the battery) and now I can reach it. Once I get the case off the back, how do I remove the stem (that allows you to adjust the time) so I...
  5. Reference Material and FAQ
    I thought you guys might enjoy this. :) See high rez pictures here! (By the way, this is a fully working vector. But I didn't know that when I disassembled it! :-d It's okay, it's working just fine. :-!) The...
1-5 of 6 Results