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  1. Cleaning the underside of a Mudman g9300

    Casio G-Shock
    I recently got a mudman g9300. I wore it while playing football in a muddy field ( hey, its a mudman! lol :p ) and well, my watch got soaked in the mud. I wanna clean it now. Before I open up a new G shock and unknowingly destroy it, I request the knowledgeable members of this forum to plz guide...
  2. Omega Ploprof 1200 breakdown

    Hi all, I'm getting my Ploprof 1200 DLC'd, and need to disassemble it before shipping. My questions: Does anyone know how to remove the bezel lock button from the case? I've searched through and through and I cannot find a schematic of the watch that might aide in my disassembly. Thanks :D
  3. Suunto T4C Disassembly

    Hello all, I am a proud owner of a Suunto T4c for a few months now. Unfortunately - I have a crack on the (glass?) lens which slowly cause the inner part to buildup condensation. I don't think lens cracks are can be returned and fixed under warranty right? My question is - Has anyone...
  4. Watch Dis-assembly question !

    This might sound like a dumb question but I am new to watch assembly/dis-assembly. Somehow a piece of dirt got on the inside of my watch (prob from changing the battery) and now I can reach it. Once I get the case off the back, how do I remove the stem (that allows you to adjust the time) so I...
  5. Suunto Vector disassembly photos and instructions

    Reference Material and FAQ
    I thought you guys might enjoy this. :) See high rez pictures here! (By the way, this is a fully working vector. But I didn't know that when I disassembled it! :-d It's okay, it's working just fine. :-!) The...