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  1. Reviews
    Hi, this is my first post here on this forum, so i thought i'd start with a review i wrote on TZ (so some of you may have seen it) I'm really happy with this watch, although reading some of the posts on aeronautec do suggest dubious provenance..... i haven't had the back off to verify the...
  2. Public Forum
    Ive got this Porsche Drivers Selection watch, the 356 edition & from what i can gather its a limited edition. Just wondering how much its worth? Cant seem to find it anywhere! Any info would be greatly received!
  3. Public Forum
    Could anyone tell me what watch Felipe Massa wears? It's visible at all of his post-race press conferences, but I can never quite tell what it is (I've even paused it to see if I could determine what it is). Thanks!
1-3 of 4 Results