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  1. Aeronautec Diver Review

    Hi, this is my first post here on this forum, so i thought i'd start with a review i wrote on TZ (so some of you may have seen it) I'm really happy with this watch, although reading some of the posts on aeronautec do suggest dubious provenance..... i haven't had the back off to verify the...
  2. Can anyone help me pls with a Porsche watch???

    Public Forum
    Ive got this Porsche Drivers Selection watch, the 356 edition & from what i can gather its a limited edition. Just wondering how much its worth? Cant seem to find it anywhere! Any info would be greatly received!
  3. Formula One - Felipe Massa - watch he wears?

    Public Forum
    Could anyone tell me what watch Felipe Massa wears? It's visible at all of his post-race press conferences, but I can never quite tell what it is (I've even paused it to see if I could determine what it is). Thanks!