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  1. Unserviced 7S26 vs Ordinary Quartz, which one lasts longer

    Hello watch lovers, Just wondering which to get, 7s26 automatic watch (not gonna serviced it) or normal quartz watch (swatch, casio, etc). both watch at around $100, which one you think will last longer? it will be daily office use thanks:-!
  2. Does anybody know something about Reymond Weil Nabucco Rivoluzione?

    Public Forum
    Hi, Im thinking about buying the RW Nabucco Rivoluzione. They have made a 2nd gen named Nabucco Rivoluzione ii. But I want the first gen without the ii. IMG_3633.jpg Photo by vlkong |...
  3. Are watches designed for pilots more shock resistant?

    Pilots' & Military watches
    Specifically not counting G-Shock, which have built-in shock resistance, or those with fully digital displays like Suunto, are pilots' watches like Navitimer and Skyhawk specifically built to withstand the g-forces associated with aviation? I looked around and there are countless stories and...
  4. new skeleton pocket watch help? (are Unitas clones any good?)

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    This forum has been very useful so far, but I now have a specific question. I have found a skeleton pocket watch that I like, but I have found a few very similar watches with very different price tags. Open Face Skeleton 730-908-25 - Jean Marcel White pocket watch (Jean Marcel) Katsuboya |...
  5. Speedies in extreme environments

    I'm looking at getting a Speedmaster (either Pro or Date, haven't decided yet), but I'm worried about durability. I work in the Canadian Oil Sands. In the winter, I'll go directly from a 30 degree C/100% humidity indoor environment to -35/extremely dry outdoors. I'm routinely soaked in...
  6. GWA-1100 questions

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi everyone, first-time poster here. I am seriously thinking of buying GWA-1100 and have read numerous reviews, the manual and pretty much every non-sale-related thread on this forum that I could find but still I have a number of questions/concerns so I would appreciate some assistance...
  7. X-Lander most durable?

    Hello WUS, Looking to buy a watch from the current Suunto ABC lineup. Is the X-Lander the most durable of the Suunto watches? Need a Suunto that can handle a little abuse & some rough environments. Not necessarily "G-Shock tough" but in the same ballpark. Thank you in advance.
  8. Fiancee's 6309-7049 hasn't been serviced in 30 years!

    Hey all, so my fiancee's dad gave her his old Seiko 6309 that he used back when he was a diver. The thing is in excellent condition and all it needs is a new band. I charged it up and it is keeping excellent time. These watches are meant for the long haul! It ticks louder than my skx007 and I...
  9. Watch Band Replacement for the G-9300 Mudman

    Casio G-Shock
    Hey guys, I am new to this forum/website and I am planning on buying the G-9300 mudman. I work construction and need a tough durable watch, something that will not completely erode when stucco or a type of effis gets on it. But there is one thing that I don't like about the watch. The band...
  10. Durability

    Affordable watches
    Hello WUS members, I have been reading the forums for a week or so in search for bargain timepieces that can add some variety to my daily outfit with style. I have mainly been interested in mechanical watches under the $100 mark and I have read good things about chinese "brands" like Jaragar...
  11. Omega AT 8500 or Quartz - Which is more durable/reliable over the longterm?

    I'm deciding between the AT 8500 and Quartz. I like the grey face and 38.5 diameter in both. This will be a watch I plan to wear everyday and eventually pass along, so I'm most concerned about durability, longevity, and ongoing maintenance/service costs. I'm less concerned with resale and...

    Public Forum
    Hi Everyone, Even though I love my 1964 Omega Seamaster Calendar, after 3 breakdowns, I've come to the conclusion that I need to buy a durable everyday watch. Naturally this leaves me in a great dilemma since there are so many watches I would want to own. Unfortunately I will only be able to...
  13. More Complications = More Fragile/Failure Prone?

    Public Forum
    First of all, forgive me for flooding the forum with my watch n00b questions. I tried searching the forums and internets and couldn't find any definitive threads started on this topic. Logic and deductive reasoning would suggest that the following applies: 1. More complications = more moving...
  14. Core vs Vector durability (photos always welcome) :)

    I had a Vector years ago but switched to a Pathfinder due to the rep of Casio for having durable watches (still agree with this,,,G-shocks are DURABLE). I found though that the ABC features on that watch were less than reliable, so I got a Core. I love it and don't want it too beat up at work...
  15. Riseman durability

    Casio G-Shock
    Today I was gardening (to be honest, not one of my favourite activities, trying to be nice to my wife showing attention to what is important to her :-) ). Anyway, I was wearing Riseman and hammering the pole into the ground. The ax which I used for it accidentally slipped from the pole and hit...
  16. Franck Muller Casablanca - PVD or Steel?

    Public Forum
    Hello... I'm just about to buy a gorgeous FM Casa Chrono (8885 C CC DT NR) I like the PVD better, but I'm a bit worried about durability. Does anyone have a FM PVD? Are they durable/scratch easily? If they do get scratched, are they repair-able? On the other hand, would the plain steel (8885...
  17. SKX007 Long Term Durability/reviews

    Calling all you SKX007 owners! Hello all, I know that this watch has been discussed to death, but I would like to know how well it performs in time. So, if you’ve had a 007 for a long time (5-10 years, more would be great since this watch has been in production since 1996, AFAIK) please chime...
  18. Timex Ironman Triathlon Durability

    Digital & ABC watches
    Though obviously not at G-Shock levels, my Timex Ironman Triathlon 30-Lap seems very well built and put together, yet many people talk about how fragile they are. (Breaking from a short fall, e.t.c.) I don't really get it; the watch looks very durable to me! What're your thoughts on the...
  19. New To Watches

    Hello, It has been about a year or two since I became interested in mechanical watches. I initially purchased a used rolex off of ebay with very little knowledge of watches. I didn't know enough information and I believe I purchased a frankenwatch. No absolute proof but thats the gut...