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  1. Casio G-Shock
    Hello! I am interested in purchasing the DW-6900 however the strap has these flaps that make the watch a tad too wide for my wrist. What are my options in terms of possible replacement straps? I want a strap preferably that is waterproof, lightweight, and perfectly fits the watch, but I am...
  2. Casio G-Shock
    Hi all -- I have a GW-6900 project in the works; the donor watch I purchased turned-out to have a worn illuminator button (its plastic is a bit light in color from sun and dry fine, looks aged). I've looked-over the steps needed to replace the button, and though I'm confident I...
  3. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD is a used Casio DW-6900CS-1 (Zombie Slayer) module with a brand new band and bezel from a 6900E-1ER. Crystal is perfect as well as the new band and bezel. I will also include the original bezel and band which are in good condition and can be seen here...
  4. Public Forum
    I know the models of choice are pretty old but with a very limited budget... those 2 are my choice. Can you suggest which is the best buy? G100 price is around 55USD DW6900-1v is 45USD or maybe a non-GSHOCK S810W Which face looks bigger and intimidating? I wish I could have the newer...
  5. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    FS: ► Casio G-Shock 'Zombie Slayer' • DW6900CS-1 ◄ $OLD is a very lightly used Casio DW6900CS-1 'Zombie Slayer'. Excellent condition overall. Crystal is clean and clear - no scratches. Asking $40 Shipped within the USofA (elsewhere at cost). PM me with any ?'s. Thanx!
  6. Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    For sale is a very good condition band and bezel for the Casio G-Shock DW-6900CS-1 model. This will fit any of the DW6900 series watches - so get creative. Japan stamped buckle, and a clean gloss finish, but there are a couple of small blemishes that keep this from being 100% (they are pointed...
  7. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    please message me with pictures and a decent price and let me know, thanks!
  8. Casio G-Shock
    Hey W.U.S I've had my eye on the Dw6900Ms-1 for awhile now and found them selling on amazon for only $60! Here is the link: Casio Men's G-Shock Military Concept Black Digital Watch #DW6900MS-1CR:Amazon:Watches Now my question is how do I identify if the module is a 3230? I don't wanna end up...
  9. Reviews
    I am a big AKIRA fan!! So this was a must. 1 problem! I hate this module!! Its from the FS.
  10. Casio G-Shock
    Hi guys! I need Peg Leg band straps! If you have a pair or a few, please get in contact!
  11. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Looking to buy this limited edition G-Shock watch NEW in box! Tagged hopefully. Reputable ebay account. Verified paypal user. I live in CA. Thanks!
  12. Casio G-Shock
    Hi everyone ! Let me introduce myself first. My name is TaeTae from Bangkok , Thailand. This is my first time for Nice to know you all. Here is my 1st G-Shock in 2013 " Casio x G-Shock DW6900 Strawhat Crew Limited Edition " To be honest , I have no idea about this cartoon...
  13. Casio G-Shock
    A friend is offering to sell me his Krink DW6900 and Rising Red DW6930. Both are new and have box and tin, without tags. He wants $420 for both. Is this a fair price?
  14. Casio G-Shock
    I am interested in the GB6900, but have a few questions about it. 1) Is it a limited production model? 2) Is it solar/atomic? 3) Are DW6900 parts (strap, bezel, screws, springbar, caseback, etc.) interchangeable with it? What about GW6900 parts? Thanks!
  15. Articles & Tutorials
    Does anyone know if the dw6900 and glx6900 bezels can be swapped? I know there is a thread about the dw6900 and the g6900, about how they are not the same exact size. But if anyone has any info on swapping the glx and dw bezels for the 6900 series, I would appreciate hearing from them.
  16. Fake G-Shock Report
    What's up.... Long time G collector, new to forum, my first thread. I buy and sell quite a few G Shocks on eBay. Wondering if ya'll have noticed the crazy number of crappy fakes going around on there. Mainly the 6900's, but lately they have even started faking the ga110, ga100, mudman's, and...
  17. Casio G-Shock
    So I was in USA this summer and bought two G-shock's. Super stocked, really nice watches, already have an old GA-100G very stable watch. So the DW6900 is very new to me. Now to the problem; it has gone all black after a month (I haven't really used it that much yet), so I thought it had to be...
1-18 of 90 Results