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  1. Images
    Hi guys, I am newbie in terms of starting a G collection but not newbie in G madness har-har:) I got lucky when inherited my first G, a 5600c 901 back in 1994. I've had this watch for a decade at least, after that it was collecting dust in one of my drawers until 2012.. But now I took it out and...
  2. Casio G-Shock
    Recently arrived lightly used DW 8300 STARGATE - please excuse the dust, but I want to check and grease the seal before I thoroughly clean this one.
  3. Casio G-Shock
    See what posting on WUS G-Shock forum does to you? I didn't post for months and now that I started, I went and bought a DW-8300 offered to me from the sales forum, sigh!!! Anyway, here's a pic. I was surprised no one grabed this since it was on offer for some time. Anway, always wanted a...
  4. Casio G-Shock
    This forum is Great! I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago in a thread specifically about DW8300's that I'd like to get one of these. Well I missed one (thanks for the opportunity LarryCfromTexas) but luckily jaibo239...
1-4 of 4 Results