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dw8400 mudman

  1. G-Shock DW8400 - Real, Fake, Franken?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi guys. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask that. If its wrong, please move the thread. So, I have found this brutally broken DW8400 in a thrift store and with that super cheap price tag I just took it. But after searching around I really cant find one that is really like this one. Mine has...
  2. My G Collection 1993-2012 (Picheavy/Macro) :)))

    Hi guys, I am newbie in terms of starting a G collection but not newbie in G madness har-har:) I got lucky when inherited my first G, a 5600c 901 back in 1994. I've had this watch for a decade at least, after that it was collecting dust in one of my drawers until 2012.. But now I took it out and...
  3. Info about my G-Shock

    Casio G-Shock
    Watchfriends! I've had this watch for quite some years now, but I hardly wear it anymore so I'm thinking of selling. I have no idea what this model is worth - can anyone help me?! The watch is in near mint condition but I have no box or paper - all info I can give is what's on the back: 1289...
  4. G'day to all & questions for the 8400 experts.

    Casio G-Shock
    First post so hello to everyone and thanks for all the info and amusement I've been able to find on this forum . I thought it's about time I came in from the shadows and shared . just hope this technology works. Question for any DW 8400 fans , are the following two original factory releases or...