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  1. Are vintage Riseman hard to find?

    Casio G-Shock
    What kind of price should I expect? Thanx! :thanks
  2. What I've been waiting for so long

    Casio G-Shock
    Thats my brand new G-Shock DW 9100. Oh, I've been waiting for it so long, since I could afford another few G-Shocks and Pro Treks - and here it is: My new favourite star.
  3. Old Riseman

    Casio G-Shock
    With the announcement of the new arrival of Riseman, those of you still holding on the old one will treasure them even more. Enjoy.
  4. 9100 riseman arrives

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi The Riseman MIBII has arrived from Tokyo:-! It's my first of this series and I'm impressed. I like the strap, very comfy with those crazy wrist cuffs. What grabbed my with Riseman is the image of Icarus on the caseback. From what I can gather from Risefreaks page this was the last of the...
  5. Another Riseman turned up.

    Casio G-Shock
    Here's another Riseman that turned up this morning. It's a DW-9100EJ-9T and it came from 'the nice Australian bloke who used to live in Japan':-! I promised the wife that it will be my last Riseman purchase.... until the GW-9200.