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dyeing g-shocks

  1. First G-shock Dye lets try camo right?

    Casio G-Shock
    So I had an matte all white DW6900 that had become seriously discolored and I hadn't worn it in a year. Found this website a couple of days ago and decided to go ahead and try to do a dye job. I am really into camo at the moment so I went for that. Tried to create a mud smear effect on the light...
  2. Dye doubt: Frogman DW8201WC + Black Rit = ?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi guys, I have the chance to purchase an used jelly frogman. It looks transparent no more, it has become very very yellowish, so if I buy I know it I'll have to dye it. In fact, right now looks pretty ugly. I think I would use black tint. Guess I'll have to be generous with it, because band...
  3. New arrival - Casio Shock - Dyed and stealthed!!

    Casio G-Shock
    Fancied something a bit rugged and macho looking to do some mods on. They don't come much more rugged (and cheap!) than a casio G Shock. I saw the same model that had been dyed a few weeks ago so did a bit of research into what was required. So first visit over to the bay to get one of these...
  4. Another Dye session tan Mudman now orange mudman

    Casio G-Shock
    Just dyed my Tan (light gray) Mudman to Tangerine colour? bit darker though:-d
  5. Dye Job Gone Right!!!!

    Casio G-Shock
    After my "dye job gone wrong" ( ) last week, I decided to see if I could improve on Buzz Bronze. I liked the bronze, but just couldn't see myself wearing it that often. This time the experiment was much more successful. I bought...
  6. Dye Job Gone Strange

    Casio G-Shock
    I got in my two DW-5725 bezels earlier this week. My intent was to dye them black, as replacement bezels for my DW-5700 screwback reissue. I got to dying them last night, and things went horribly wrong. It seems that whatever Casio is treating the surfaces of their gloss white bezels with...
  7. need help: custom dw-9000

    Casio G-Shock
    hi, i want to customize an old dark blue/yellow gshock. first i want to change the main color blue into black and that`s the main problem - how can i color the bezel and the wrist? other things like change the battery and the change from yellow accents to white are no problem ... thanks for...