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  1. Advice on how to step up my movement knowledge

    Hi all, As the title of the post suggests, I'm really trying to step up to the next level of understanding and recognizing movements. My experience thus far has consisted in disassembling/reassembling two hand-wound movements, and I think I have a good basic understanding of how they work...
  2. SCOOP: Olivier Jonquet - a new French watch brand

    Public Forum
    We'll be publishing about this new brand soon. Meanwhile visit their website at Montres OJ : Des montres d'exception fabriquées en France
  3. Trench Watch: Common Questions

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Looking through other threads informed me that yes, this appears to be a WW1 officer's watch, the dial's numbers and hands were illuminated with radium paint, it's an enamel dial, the hallmarks indicate George Stockwell, .925, London, and 1916, and the movement runs but definitely needs...
  4. James Elsener begs to differ re the CL888

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    As I expected he would :-d Sounds like that spin-job he did on Riedenschild's GEMatic movements when he claimed that the Ruhla cal. 24 was the ancestor of the ETA 2824 o| Show me the 1960s CL-888s and i will believe you, James :roll: