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  1. Breitling
    I'm hoping someone can help me solve this little problem I have with a Breitling Steelfish I recently bought on the Bay. The watch was advertised as having a blue dial, but when I opened the watch box, I couldn't believe my eyes. The watch had a grey dial. I thought I had made a mistake and had...
  2. eBay Auctions
    Please check out my eBay auction for a QVC Alto Gold Half Bangle Expansion Watch - BRAND NEW! ONLY $28.50. This watch, as well as many other NEW watches are listed in my eBay store at GREAT PRICES. Link to this auction: QVC Alto Goldtone Half Bangle Expansion Watch Wristwatch New in Box w...
  3. Omega Fake Busters
    I found an item on ebay that I really like but in the same time I am hesitated to buy an expensive watch from ebay. It looks real or it is a really good replica. I can't decide it myself so I would like to ask some expert opinion from the forum members. Omega Seamaster James Bond Limited Series...
  4. Omega
    Dear Omega-Lovers, I really need some help in finding the right Omega vintage watch for me. Since I don`t have great knowledge about vintage watches I feel that I am the perfect victim of Frankenstein Watches. Since I recently graduated from university my grandfather wanted to give me a new...
  5. Public Forum
    I never bought anything on ebay and so I was browsing through the watches there. Why is the shipping so expensive? Most are $15 USD for a watch selling for $20 or $30. Sounds unbelievable to me. Thanks
1-5 of 8 Results