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  1. Digital & ABC watches
    So, there is opinion about how ABC is useful to predict weather and how you can entertain yourself with graphs and things. For sure it increases functionality of the watch yet it comes with certain limitations which i want to illustrate in pictures. I start today at home Watch shows 185m of...
  2. Suunto
    Hi all, I wonder if anyone has noticed the same. Since the recent update to MovesCount, and it's automatic intergration with Strava I'm seeing incorrect altitude readings. Instead of a nice smooth graph showing the elevation of my ride in Strava, I see a lot of spikes. I get the same issue if...
  3. Suunto
    Hi Group. I have a new Suunto Ambit and elevation data inaccuracies are driving me nuts. I've read the manual (multiple times), various forums and FAQs, called Suunto (they said it sounded like everything was functioning as expected), reset the GPS (multiple times), etc. Anyway, my obsessive...
1-3 of 3 Results