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  1. Vintage Circa 1950 Elgin Men's Wristwatch - Excellent Original! $99

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    For Sale: $99.00 shipped in the CONUS. Priced to sell. PayPal preferred. This is an excellent example of a men's Elgin watch from the early 1950's, and an awesome original. The 10kt gold filled case has really nice angles and measures 35mm to the lug tips and 25mm wide. It has the original...
  2. 1912 Elgin factory converted pocket watch movement? Help needed

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Here I have something I've never quite seen before. A run of the mill 1912 Elgin grade 298 lever set movement, but with this dial and hand set? In this Illinois watch case company conversion case? I've heard of more modern conversions but did not know they did them that long ago as well. I think...
  3. FS: NOS Caravelle 1972 Calendar

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    This classic dress piece from Caravelle is the perfect piece to start your vintage journey or to add to your already well established collection. Originally released in 1972 this piece is like stepping back in time, perfect new old stock condition. The dial is showing patina with a few small...
  4. FS: NOS Caravelle 1966 Trawler

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    Originally released in 1966 this piece is the perfect everyday watch from Caravelle. The sunburst dial, hands and lume plots are showing a beautiful warm patina with the case in new old stock condition. Don't miss your opportunity to own a piece of Caravelle's history! Brand: ​Caravelle...
  5. Elgin Direct Reading Jump Hour - Minute Disc Removal Tool

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    Elgin Direct Reading Jump Hour - Disc Removal Tool Does anyone have any information that would help me identify and source one of these tools, i.e. Elgin's description, part number, etc.. I've spent hours chasing leads with one description or the other, to no avail. Possibly if I had a more...
  6. Great-Grandfather's Elgin

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    I haven't found out much about this watch other than it appears to have been made in 1880. I have no illusions that it's worth much to anyone else, not that I would ever consider selling it anyway. Perhaps someone can tell me more about it or finds it interesting.
  7. Restored Vintage Lord Elgin Millbrook, 14K GF, serviced, running very well

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    This is a 1956 Lord Elgin Millbrook, 14K GF bezel and case back. Just serviced and running well. New crystal, new black lizard strap. Gently hand polished. The dial is original and somewhat marked. Potentially a candidate for a refinish, but I will leave that up to the new owner. I...
  8. 1947 Vintage Elgin DeLuxe, conserved or if you prefer, restored

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    Restored/conserved vintage Elgin "DeLuxe" 1947 8/0, Grade 555 movement, 17J, 10K RG case and back by Wadsworth gently hand polished to restore the shine but retain some of the vintage markings. Somewhat patinaed dial with applied gold indices, gold handset. Original crystal polished and...
  9. FS: Elgin 996 Oscillating Weight NOS

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    For Sale. NOS Elgin 996 Oscillating Weight. New in original packaging. Part of Watchmakers Estate spare parts inventory. Price: USD15/= Shipping USD 6. International airmail with tracking. PayPal preferred.
  10. Elgin Gr 673: Sluggish pallet fork

    Working on a 15/0 Elgin, Gr 673. Beautiful movement with a free running train and an balance that swings FOREVER after a puff. Problem: Pallet fork is difficult to seat and when I think I have it seated, it is very sluggish. It doesn't flick from post to post. I have examined the jewels...
  11. FS: Rose Gold Elgin Driver

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Rose Gold Elgin driver, 14K RG. This one is less than perfect cosmetically with some "burn-thru" on the case back and lugs. Though not a total loss. Serviced and regulated, running well and accurately. Beautiful "rose-ish", coppery dial that with minimal patina that the pictures really do...
  12. FS: Elgin 6552 "Edgewater

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Elgin 6552 "Edgewater" This is one of the coolest vintage watches you will ever see, the Elgin Edgewater. Elgin went all out to make an indestructible watch. Water Proof (Back then you could say that!). Shock Proof, Antimagnetic, and Dust Proof! Take a look at the picture: From...
  13. Suggestions for pocket watch

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi! A couple months ago I fell in love with the craftsmanship and history (and everything else) of American pocket watches. I quickly bought a beautiful 15j Illinois 16s, with slight damaskeening on the mainspring barrel and nice stripes everywhere else (grade 173). The watch is working great...
  14. Elgin shock Spring

    Anyone happen to know the name of this particular shock spring? Elgin 712/713 movement. I need to source some if I can find them. Thanks, RMD
  15. Elgin 670, 15/0 Hairspring

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    As in the title, I need a hairspring or possibly balance complete for this Elgin movement. O.Frei has one but at $140, the balance complete is worth 5 time what the movement is worth. Thanks, Bob Duckworth
  16. LORD ELGIN - Can it be saved?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi everyone! Saw this selling online for about 67 USD. Can that dial be cleaned up? Don't know much about vintage restoration. Any idea how much that would cost? Movement looks clean, doesn't it? Any thoughts welcome!
  17. Lord Elgin cal 670 - How does it look? Cracked crystal?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi all! Found a Lord Elgin cal 670 that I like however there appear to be cracks on the top left and bottom right of the crystal Are the cracks large enough to cause problems? Not sure i can get it replaced easily in my country unfortunately It's going for about 75 USD What do you guys think...
  18. Watch rescue sale – Citizen, Bulova, Green, Elgin, Geneve, etc

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I rescued this lot from a local junk shop. Lots of little, gold, Art Deco ladies watches. I figure someone will give them the love they deserve. Unless stated, assume they are not running and need work. Add $5 shipping to any or all. Timex Eletric - $10 - looks pretty decent, original band...
  19. Great grand-dad's Elgin pocketwatch

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hey all, I realize I'm starting with zilch here, but I have to start somewhere. This watch belonged to my great grandfather, and before I get around to taking it to a professional for examination and a look at the movement, I wondered if anyone here could take a crack at dating it or telling...
  20. FS: Vintage Elgin Automatic - Silver Dial, Orange Seconds Hand

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    Up for sale is a very cool vintage Elgin automatic watch. Stainless steel case measures about 36.5mm with crown. Silver dial with dark blue trim, raised markers, and orange seconds hand. Functioning date feature. Includes new black silicon strap with white stitching. Small crack in crystal and...