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  1. WTB - Omega bracelet 870 end links

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Greetings. Newbie watch collector here. I just bought an Omega Dynamic III automatic watch, and it came with the 1570 bracelet, except it was missing its end links. A bit of online research revealed to me that the original bracelet for this piece is referenced as the 1570/870 (Lug width...
  2. Where to get Seiko 5 curved end link and clasp?

    Hi gents. A good friend of mine had a bike accident. Luckily he wasn't too hurt, only a couple of scratches, but he fell to the left side, while wearing his brand new Seiko 5 that I suggest him to buy. He lost one of the curved end links and the clasp is badly scratch. The remaining parts of...
  3. WTB: a single Omega 653 end piece (for a 1170 bracelet)

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I realise this is a long shot, as I'm well aware of the current difficulties in obtaining an original 1170/653 bracelet for (e.g.) the Omega Seamster 176.007 (it's discontinued and ofrei doesn't have it) but here's the thing: I *almost* have a complete one. I have an original 1170 bracelet (that...
  4. Would you be bothered by this?

    Public Forum
    Dear All, I wonder whether you will be bothered if you found out your new US$500/- watch got the issue in the photo below. A simple "Yes" or "No" will be fine. Thank you in advance for replying. Have a nice day! EDIT : Sorry, I did not highlight the problem properly. Thought that you can...
  5. Will U1 Bracelet End Links Fit My UX?

    Hello! Tried running a search but no luck. My apologies if the topic has been covered before. I recently purchased a Sinn UX Sansibar as a stable mate for my U1. The U1 has the bracelet and the UX came on the rubber. I tried fitting the bracelet from the U1 to the UX. One side went in with a...
  6. Please Help Determining End Links

    On the recommendation of a couple other forum members, I bought a #1171 bracelet (gorgeous classic bracelet, albeit with a skimpy clasp) with #633 end links for my quartz Aqua Terra (click on my watch banner in my signature for the precise reference). Today, after a long time, I found time to...