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  1. Limes Endurance GMT - Thoughts & Photographs

    German watches
    This forum has been quite an eye-opener for me with regards to the many German watches that slip under the radar of mainstream trends. This watch is one among the many that I believe hasn't gotten as much attention as it deserves. After becoming a proud owner of an Archimede Outdoor 39 I...
  2. Bremont Endurance Ti s500 - $2900

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Have decided to let the Endurance go. It is a titanium version of the Supermarine 500. Grade 5 Titanium case, 500m w/r, Bremont Anti-shock tech, lumed Sapphire crystal bezel, Trip-Tick case. Has been keeping absurdly good time. No trades please. Watch has been worn daily, including a mark on...
  3. Introducing the new Bremont collection from Townhouse 2018

    Now in its second edition, the Bremont Townhouse launch event is quickly becoming one of our most anticipated weeks of the year. If you’ll remember, last year's inaugural edition of the Townhouse gave us a simplified ALT1-P2 chronograph, introduced the 40mm Airco Mach 1 and Mach 2 pilot watches...
  4. The Terra Nova is back! Introducing the Bremont Supermarine Endurance

    Dive watches
    Unveiled in a tent by Bremont explorer Ben Saunders at the end of a 1,800 mile South Pole trek in 2014, the long sold-out Supermarine Terra Nova is widely regarded as the most sought-after Bremont in the Supermarine collection – so naturally, a follow-up watch was planned, to coincide with a...
  5. Lone Star LeMans: Rebellion Endurance Racing and Watches

    News from the Watch Industry
    Rebellion Racing is an independent team from Switzerland that is competing this year in the hotly contested LMP2 category in the FIA World Endurance Championship. As an independent team they have contested the heavyweight teams of Audi, Porsche, Toyota and Peugeot in the past four years in the...
  6. LIMES Introduces the Endurance II Diver

    News from the Watch Industry
    German watchmaker LIMES has expanded its rugged Endurance line with a new timepiece, the Endurance II. With its new release, LIMES builds upon the groundwork laid by its predecessor, Endurance I, which found plenty of love from enthusiasts because of its precision and robust nature. From a...
  7. Question regarding the Kobold Endurance II

    Public Forum
    Greetings, I'm looking for some information regarding the Kobold Endurance II. I understand that this is a model offered only to loyal, existing Kobold customers, but is it offered annually - or was it only a one time production? Thanks in advance, Brian
  8. Kobold Endurance bezel - Want to buy

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Looking for a bezel for a Kobold Endurance. Mine fell off and needs replaced. Not certain if other brands such as Sinn, CS or others would fit.