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  1. Luxury & Lifestyle
    Hi All, I would love to share this amazing new video on 'The most expensive home in the world'! I found it very inspiring for architecture and design. What is your favourite feature?
  2. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Good morning! For sale is my modified Seiko SRP775. Modifications include the following: Dr Seikostain polished coin edge bezel DLW ceramic "Bond" bezel insert Crystal Times double dome sapphire crystal with purple anti-reflective coating Crafter Blue fitted/curved rubber strap Strapcode...
  3. Public Forum
    Celebrating finally being able to share photo's/links! Thought this article could spark some interesting debate, it asks if this Greubel Forsey watch is the coolest in watchmaking? A broad question I know and it's of course totally subjective, as with everything, but featuring two double...
  4. Casio G-Shock
    I dont know if anyone has seen this, but although it is a ludicrous idea it is interesting they dared to do it!! Price? around $100.000,00 just to make one!!! haha
  5. Stolen Watch Report
    I'm not sure if somebody posted before about this incident. On februari 26th a 68-year-old guy got robbed of his expensive watch collection. More info (in Dutch): Amsterdam: Overval man (68) in woning aan Bernard Zweerskade | Opsporing Verzocht | AVROTROS Be aware, in case of these watches are...
  6. Affordable watches
    This question just popped up in my mind. In the affordable watch price range (personal standard up to $1k), what is the most expensive-looking watch, that is only focused on the "looks"? Regardless of the movement, whether it's quartz or automatic, and regardless of the finishing and details...
  7. Seiko
    Click here for pictures - From left to right: Seiko Sgeh01p1, Seiko Sgeh03p1 & Seiko Sgeh05p1 I am buying my first ''expensive'' watch, and I was shopping and asking around in my local watch shop. I really like this model after trying 20+ watches. But is it worth the price tag? Watch...
  8. Public Forum
    This is not an impossible question like "what's the best watch brand?". Basically, the question can be reformulated as such: If you ask "what is the most prestigious and expensive watch brand?" to 1000 random people (NOT experts on the subject of watches), which brand is going to be picked the...
  9. Omega
    All Firstly apologies. I was unsure where to post this. Either as part of the London GTG or as a stand alone thread. Well, you won't get to see these often. Being one of a worldwide limited edition of 69. Retailing at a cool GBP 65K. Best start saving. Another fantastic evening at Regent...
  10. Public Forum
    This is almost entirely about Patek Philippe, but makes some interesting observations about branding and why people buy expensive things. Bonus: It's much more provocative and profound than that watch snob guy. :) The Last Psychiatrist: Luxury Branding The Future Leaders Of The World
  11. Affordable watches
    Ok after I mentioned that the C5 from Christopher Ward is now available in a beautiful Milanaise option the first response I got was a query on the rather steep pricing. Some research has also revealed a very similar mesh from Staib selling for significantly less. There are even some people (on...
  12. Casio G-Shock
    A friend of mine is offering to sell his to me for $140. I think that's a bit pricey, am I wrong? What's a reasonable price for it?
  13. Rolex & Tudor
    what do you think about this rolex watch guys? Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Daytona Watch unboxing and first look - YouTube
  14. Casio G-Shock
    I have been looking at getting a G001-9 to match my G001-1A but have been stumped when it comes to the prices. Does anyone know why the Yellow positive display is so much more expensive than a black negative display, almost $30 in some cases. Usually the positive display version of a G is...
  15. Public Forum
    Would you rather spend $10k for a quartz PP, VC, or AP - or an mechanical/automatic anything else?
  16. Public Forum
    from a novice: I bought a Concord Mariner automatic 4 years ago at 50% discount from an authorized dealer at ~$1,100 ("sugg. retail ~$2,500"); now the watch stopped working; I sent it for repair to the Movado center in New Jersey and they want $656.45 for overhaul and movement service + another...
  17. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Link contains picture of exact model. Retail price roughly $2200.00 USD Currently taking offers. Serious buyers only. Call Devin @ 909-532-2585 :thanks
  18. Public Forum
    Only $815,000. I'm always amazed at the lengths to which high-end watchmakers go to one-up the competition. Well, this is a one-of-a-kind deal that will make a dent in your wallet the size of a crashed meteorite's crater. From Gentlemen's Gadgets...
1-18 of 21 Results