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  1. Ambit2 Screen Malfunction

    Purchased my Ambit2 in October 2013 from Amazon. Trouble free until today. Looked down at my watch to find this! Never been dropped or hit against anything. No major changes in temperature exposure. Submerged in water only in daily shower and pool swimming. Beyond the return date for Amazon...
  2. More Complications = More Fragile/Failure Prone?

    Public Forum
    First of all, forgive me for flooding the forum with my watch n00b questions. I tried searching the forums and internets and couldn't find any definitive threads started on this topic. Logic and deductive reasoning would suggest that the following applies: 1. More complications = more moving...
  3. Triple Sensor durability

    Digital & ABC watches
    Just wondering how durable the Triple Sensor is in a Protrek/Pathfinder and, should it fail, does the whole functionality of the watch fail or just the ABC modes? Has anyone ever had a failure of ABC modes and does this make the rest not work as well?
  4. Is there a wrong way to wind a mechanical wind watch?

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    I have 2 Chinese manual wind watches that have broken within 2 weeks from new (an Alpha PN and a Seagull 199s). In both cases, the click which keeps the mainspring from unwinding fails so the spring unwinds as soon as I release the crown. After the first failure (the 199s) I have been very...