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fake or not?

  1. Real or fake Patek Philippe watch?

    High-end watches
    Ok so I tried to find this patek philippe on the internet and can't find it anywhere. The back of this watch I've seen on other fake patek philippes and the i is missing on the dial for the brand name. I'm pretty sure this is fake but I want to double check.
  2. Hublot geneve - real or fake

    Hi, i would like to find out if this is a fake or not. Possibly the worth of it. Thanks
  3. Invicta 0992 - Fake or Real? Is there such a Model?? Help!

    Public Forum
    Hi guys, Just needed some help. I am about to buy the above watch (Invicta 0992) for $158 from an Auction site. Not the Bay but another one. I dont know if I can mention the name so I wont. It says it is the "Limited Swiss Automatic Skeleton Watch" with a Swiss movement. (Not the Japanese...
  4. G-2500 - New Fakes?

    Fake G-Shock Report
    <br> Fake or Not? They are very accurate, even has casio stamped on the back and everything on the back, and front, appears to be the same as the original. Stamped G-2500 with module 2266. Only problem is it only has 4 modes. Time, Stop Watch, Alarm, Time Set. No data storage(like it claims)...
  5. Is this a Refurb dial, or not? 60s Seamaster De Ville cal.562

    Hi all, I recently bought a De Ville online, but the seller was late with its shipment for personal reasons and offered to make it up to me by giving me the following De Ville of better value. It is described as a 14k gold Top, cal. 562 (24 j), ref# 166.020. But I couldn't help noticing...
  6. Spotted on eBay

    Breitling Fake Busters
    I am on the look for a reasonably priced Colt Automatic or Colt Ocean no matter. I spotted this on but I was puzzled to realize that A17350 according to Breitling codes, refers to Colt...