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  1. Tissot
    Hello I recently purchased The tissot t classic from Jomashop at this link. The link states the watch comes with the Eta2834 which has 25 jewels but the watch that was sent to me has 23 jewels and looks more like another movement...
  2. Public Forum
    No watch to see here, real or not, just my random musings on the constant stream of posts with similar titles. It occurs to me that for someone who appreciates fine watchmaking, it should be fairly straightforward to spot counterfeits, unless they are of a very high quality (which isn't...
  3. TAG Heuer
  4. Omega Fake Busters
    I found a local listing on facebook for a 3590.50 that I would like to get some opinions on. To me it looks good but I have not owned a speedmaster before and would like some opinions on authenticity if possible. The owner said he bought it about a year ago from a collector. Is there supposed to...
  5. Breitling Fake Busters
    Hello what do you think about this watch. It is original or fake?
  6. Breitling Fake Busters
    Hi, I got this from watch from my dad's friend and he gave it without a box or anything. It looks fake to me so i wanted to make sure if it is. Can y'all please help? P.s.: The back cover came off
  7. Public Forum
    Hi guys, I am considering buying the Tissot Vissodate automatic watch locally from an individual whom I do not personally know. I required your help in identifying whether the pics of the attached Tissot watch shared by the seller to me is a genuine watch or a replica ? I have heard of horror...
  8. Omega
    I'm looking at buying this Seamaster 120m but I'm unfamiliar with the model. Just want to make sure it's authentic.
  9. Orient
    Bought this second hand but i am suspicious... Not many references online... Don't have a courage to open it 😁
  10. -

    Omega Fake Busters
  11. Rolex & Tudor
    Hi everyone! I am completely new to the fake dial/fake watch/ frankenwatch spotting and wanted to know your thoughts on the following watch. Is there anything that seems off? Does the dial look fake? What about the caseback? I just wanted to know what potential giveaways you experts could see...
  12. Rolex & Tudor Fake Busters
    Hi! First of all thank you for any comments on this post. Story: I usually buy some watches from Yahoo auctions using Buyee (this is unnecessary info anyway). I came across this post: tudor submariner. I knew for the auction price that is was not necessarily worth $10k usd but at least seams...
  13. Omega Fake Busters
    Hi, I have a seller who has offered me this omega at 1,800 euros. A price somewhat lower than the market, he has sent me these photos. After having looked carefully at the photos, I am surprised by two things. White warranty card. the serial number matches with a 2006 watch and in the warranty...
  14. Breitling Fake Busters
    Hello there I hope you guys can help, I have come across a Breitling Navitimer for sale. possible it is fake as it has no box or papers and the pin on the clasp is broken. I don’t know enough to know if the Ref given matches the details, since the design of the Navitimer varies widely in terms...
  15. Longines
    I recently came into a black Longines Hydroconquest ref:L3.642.4.56.6 I read it is supposed to use the L633.5 calibre automatic movement but when I checked in the back the Rotor has L636.5 which is the day/date version. I checked to see if there were any ghost clicks where the date adjustment...
  16. Russian watches
    I am not an expert on watches, unfortunately. I purchased a watch but I am unsure of whether it is real or fake. It is a Poljot watch, with the seller claiming it is a vintage from the 1980s. They were selling it for only $30, and that seems cheap for what I know about Poljot watches. When asked...
  17. Public Forum
    Hi, New to the forum so apologies if posting in the wrong area. I've been collecting watches now for a few years and generally believe im pretty good at spotting fakes etc but I thought I'd reachout for another opnion on this one: I recently received this Seastar 1000 chrono as I love the...
  18. Rolex & Tudor Fake Busters
    Hello Watch-experts :) I recently bought a Tudor Submariner, sold as a Ref. 9401/0 in Blue, watch only, no papers or box. The watch came from a dealer in the US with good ratings on chrono24. The watch was described as being in good overall condition, with a nice cream patina on dial and lume...
  19. Hublot
    G'day watchuseek community, i finally decided to join the forum and ask for well trained and experienced eyes that may be able to help me solve my problem which i am carrying around way to long now. Guess i was just afraid of possibly beeing betrayed. I bought this watch from ebay around 4...
  20. Tissot
    Hello! I recently picked up a Tissot Le Locle Regulateur and I’m absolutely in love with the watch so far. However, when winding the watch with the crown, there seems to be a good amount of resistance when turning it (even when fully unwound). Is this normal? I ordered the watch from...
1-20 of 429 Results