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  1. Public Forum
    First, let me apologize if this is the wrong forum. I could have sworn that there was a specific thread for this but after much time away, I don't see it. Yes, it's a vague question; or perhaps just a hugely broad topic. Regardless, I wonder where things are going. I'm not out to criticize...
  2. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Ordered such a watch from chrono24. Some photos of this watch online feature the inscription "SWISS" on the back of the case in one of the corners. Others don't have this inscription, they have only the other 3 signs ( one is eta, other is platinum, the third not sure). Example of photo...
  3. Omega
    Both cost 460 € , the vendor of the 1st one swears that dial is untouched, original, rare - opinion seems divided. Can an expert from you, folk, show his wisdom. I simply can not afford to buy watches other than in original / untouched condition. PLEASE HELP
  4. Glycine
    Yesterday I purchased a new Airman 9 blue dial at an auction on eBay. The seller has a 14 day from delivery return policy. There were no pictures of the actual watch on the listing--only stock pictures. The seller just joined eBay and is based in a country I subsequently learned is a hotbed...
  5. Casio G-Shock
    Was browsing a Chinese shopping site and came across some really evident fake Gs, well dunno if you could brand them as fake. (They aren't branded G-Shock but look like them!). Just spend a moment being grateful that you don't have those watches. I wanted to post this just to let you know about...
  6. Omega
    could you halpe me to identify these 2 dials : real or fake (redials) ? Thank you very much indeed for any advice : Kind Regards Alexander
  7. Public Forum
    Hi I have purchased the above watch and love it. I am still in the time period to where I can return the watch. I need some advise. I purchased this not really knowing about grey market. It turns out my watch is in this area. It has the code V.25790 on the back. It does not have a serial...
  8. Russian watches
    Some of the redials and outright fake watches for sale can be easily identified if you know where to look. Should all the clues and giveaways be shared in the forum? One argument for "no" is that sharing this information helps the forgers to improve their fakes. Some of us believe that the...
  9. Casio G-Shock
    Whats up guys, i need some helpful advice. Im in leading bidder to win a g-shock mudman 9300ER, i love this watch so much, and i wanna know if this watch is legitimate or not? Its kinda hard to spot fakes for a rookie like myself.
  10. Omega
    Ive spent hours combing through as many books and sites as I can get my hands on because I hate the guy who comes on and asks for identification help. Granted, this is just a picture and I shouldnt be so stubborn and arrogant as to think i can handle this hobby on my own. So with that, i...
  11. Omega
    Real or Fake? Been reading for a long time now trying to decide when to pull the trigger. I had been watching this watch on ebay but am wary of fakes of course. To my well-read (but inexperienced) eye, this looked legit, but I would be curious to hear what you guys thought. RARE OMEGA...
1-11 of 11 Results