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  1. Famous Seiko Wearers

    Just found a few pics online i thought id share, check out what these cool cats are wearing. Seiko's always been cool. 3 original turtles on Mick Jagger, Queens Brian May and the Eagles Don Felder. The coolest cat of them all :) Anybody got any pics to share? Can be from movies or...
  2. Seiko diver 007 famous people and events

    Dive watches
    Hi guys (and gals?), The Seiko skx007/09 is regarded as an iconic and loved diver - for water and desk divers alike. I'm sure that it must have notable wearers and events? Which famous people wore the skx007? Where has the watch went to? Movies/TV? Sports events ? Wars been in? I hope to see...
  3. Celebrities with Hublot watch

    I'm a fan of a Hublot watches, unfortunately I can't afford one. In this post we can post pictures of famous people with their Hublot watches. I'm sure we will find some interesting pictures.
  4. John Mayer, WIS.

    Public Forum
    From my hometown paper: