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    Rolex & Tudor
    So I purchased a Brand new Rolex Submariner 2 months ago. I am aware that Rolex makes their new subs with the -2/+2 calibration. However, it seems that mine is running about +4 seconds fast per day on average, when I place it in the dial up position at night when I sleep. I do wear it most all...
  2. Seiko SKX007 - If i let the watch wind down it will start to run fast 5 minutes a day

    My Seiko SKX007 was running fast about 5 minutes a day. Watching youtube videos and using the Hairspring Iphone app, I regulated it myself. Worked out fine. I usually wear the watch every day. However, if I ever stop wearing it and let it wind down, the watch will start to run fast again by 5...
  3. Ferrari Fast Lap Quartz watch, Chronograph, 44mm. Rubber strap

    Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    Ferrari Fast Lap Quartz watch, Chronograph, 44mm. Rubber strap, SF10-IPGUN-CG Brand New in Box - Warranty by authorised Dealer - Free Shipping Brand Ferrari Line Fast Lap Reference SF10-IPGUN-CG Movement Quartz Caliber Ronda 5030D Case Material Stainless steel...
  4. SARB033 running too fast

    I bought the Seiko SARB033 a few months ago and it has been working flawlessly with losing/gaining ~15 seconds a day, pretty much evening out over the few months. However I had an accident where the watch dropped dial first on tile floor, from maybe 2 feet height. Luckily the glass didn't...
  5. Field Khaki 42mm on black Hirsch strap. Running fast.

    Got this beauty a few days ago and really liking it. I switched right away to a black strap with white stitching very close to the one featured in Interstellar. I have noticed that it is running about 13 seconds per day fast. Is that usual? I see it has an adjustment screw but my watchmaker...
  6. Strange auto accuracy change

    Public Forum
    Could anyone please explain whats going on here? I got Tissot ETA 2824-2 movement. At first it was about 10 sec/day fast. After a month it s now about 1 sec slow after 2,5 days. Equal wear style all the time... about 1 day full wear and 2 days sitting still but I move it for about 5 mins before...
  7. Does anyone actually have their Orients serviced/regulated? If so, where and how much?

    I only ask because these are, in essence, cheap watches. Inexpensive. I once owned a black dial Mako diver (gave it to my father in-law) and currently own a Mako XL and what was once called the Multi-Eye (I believe it has had a name change). Both are over two years old and both are getting slow...
  8. Does anyone do this?

    TAG Heuer
    Hi, I'm new to this site, been reading for a while, but just joined. I was just wondering if anyone ever used the following method to make your auto more accurate. Last month I bought my first decent watch, a Tag AR 500m (WAK2110) from a local AD, to treat myself for a promotion at work. Before...
  9. New Mako XL was fast. A year later it is now slow. Problem???

    Hello all, I have owned an Orient Mako XL since the beginning of last summer. I really love the watch and I always get complements on it. One time I even got a complement on it from a Jeweler (who had never heard of Orient) when I was getting a battery swapped out in another watch! My watch...
  10. Survey: Fast or Slow?

    Public Forum
    If you had to have your watch set either slightly fast or slightly slow, which would you rather?
  11. Digital watch running fast

    Affordable watches
    I have a Casio G-Shock that is gaining 10mins a month. I thought digital watches were suppose to be very accurate. I've had the watch for about 8-9 years. Anyone know what's going on?
  12. Brand new Seiko 5 running far too fast

    I just purchased a Seiko 5 (mechanical,automatic) and it runs really fast. It gains several minutes per hour. I've looked around and everyone talks about a warm up period of 1-3 months but this seems like it's outside the norm. This also seems like to large of a discrepancy to be fixed by...
  13. Chrono Colt 2 fast timezone change

    Hello folks, Considering buying the Chrono Colt 2 model. On the Breitling website, it states that this model has a "Fast Timezone Change". Can anyone tell me how this feature is activated? How does it know to go forward or backwards 1, 2, 3 or more hours? Here are my thoughts. 1) In the...
  14. Seamaster 2254.50 gains 10sec every minute...?

    Hey All, I just got a 2254.50 from the Forum AD and it's fast. Way fast. it's gaining 10 seconds every minute. I checked it against my laptop's clock. In the five minutes since I've synced it's almost five minutes fast. The forum AD suggests either it was dropped in transit (next-day Air)...