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favre leuba


    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Prefer a Ref 59603, but will discuss with anyone as long as it's in good running order and for the most part original. Thanks Peter
  2. 1950s Favre Leuba Triple Calendar Moonphase Automatic 34mm

    eBay Auctions Extremely rare Favre Leuba watch triple-calendar and moonphase 1950s cal.1256 Automatic/Self-Winding IN GOOD WORKING ORDER. SERVICED (8 days ago) 34mm watch case NOT AUTHENTIC HANDS (works good, looks - too) wonderful vintage dial (authentic, SINGER marked)...
  3. FS: Vintage Favre-Leuba chronograph Valjoux 23 radium dial

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Selling my early 60's Favre-Leuba chronograph, radium dial with Valjoux 23 movement, 2 sub-dial version of the famed Valjoux 72. Watch is all original except for the crystal. 36mm in diameter not counting the crown, 19mm lugs. Watch is signed 4 times on dial, crown, caseback and movement. Case...
  4. Help identifying this Favre Leuba Sea Chief

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi All, Can someone enlighten me as to which year this Favre Leuba Sea Chief is from and how much is a fair price to be paying for this? The seller is asking for $160. Can someone please help me out here? Thanks so much. Arun
  5. SOLDVintage Favre Leuba Waterdeep

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    A strong (SOLD ) case can be made that the 60's Waterdeep is either a prototype or an extremely limited run. You won't find another one out there. I've looked for years. It has an in house Fl 104 movement. Serviced, cleaned and re lumed last week. Runs perfectly. Offered with two...

    eBay Auctions
    this FavreLeuba Doctors Watch is in Working order and its recently serviced by us. Machine, Case, Crown is fully original and watch keep good time. Note: Strap and Buckle is not original accept the funds by paypal only and send the watch by DHL. tracking number is emailed to you. please...
  7. Help with this Favre Leuba please!

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    So I recently bought this Favre Leuba "Twin Power" on eBay from a seller in India out of impulse. But after I read some of the experiences of some of the members here, I started to doubt my purchase. I'm almost certain that this is a Favre Leuba cal.250 movement with 2 barrels. I need more...
  8. Help with a vintage Favre Leuba

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi all, I am pretty sick and tired of dealing with "Rare vintage" Favre Leubas on a certain online auction site - where nearly 99% of these watches are from India or Thailand and have the life polished out of them, the faces crudely repainted, the logo is incorrect and the words "Swiss Made" is...
  9. WTB Vintage Favre Leuba Sea Sky Round Chonograph Valjoux 72 Movement Black Dial WANT TO BUY

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hello! I'm looking for a Vintage Favre Leuba Sea Sky Round Chonograph Valjoux 72 Movement with the black dial. If ANYONE has a GREAT EXAMPLE OF ONE PLEASE EMAIL ME!! I will be a PREMIUM PRICE FOR THE RIGHT ONE! The watch looks just like the one below! Thanks, Ben Y.
  10. Vintage gold pocket watch: Favre Leuba & Co - Bombay & Calcutta

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hey Everyone, I have recently come across a family watch passed down from my great grandfather. My guess is that it would be from the 1920s - 1930s when he was working and living in India. It looks great and is in good condition. I have taken some photos of it to show you. (Iphone photos, so...
  11. *DONE* - Two vintage frankens: Seiko and Favre Leuba Sea King

    WTT - Trade Corner
    I got these two recently from an Indian eBayer and the transaction kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. I'd like to trade them for… pretty much anything - I'm trying to start a collection. Make me an offer for one or both of these watches! PM me for any further details/information/photos. I'm...
  12. WTB Favre Leuba Sea Sky GMT Yellow Chronograph Wristwatch

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hello!! I'm looking for a Favre Leuba Sea Sky GMT Yellow Chronograph. If anyone has one I will pay a GREAT DEAL for the right one!!! Heres a picture of what I'm looking for. Thanks, Ben

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hello All!! I'm an avid collector of all Favre Leuba diving watches and as I'm an avid collector I would LOVE to one day have them all in my collection!! What can I say, I'm a Favre Leuba fanatic!! Condition wise, it doesn't bother me as much, but I WILL pay up for the great examples. ANYTHING...
  14. Favre Leuba strap repair

    Straps & Bracelets
    I have a steel/gold Favre Leuba that my father gave me a few years back, he had it for a fair few years and wore it regularly, i had it for a few months and the strap broke! It has been at mothers house ever since and the strap is part of the watch design so isn't something that can be replaced...
  15. FS Favre Leuba Watch Box Nice Condition

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    For Sale Favre Leuba Watch Box that holds 1 watch. Nice condition Hard box, solid construction, will protect any watch, nice looking watch box 5" x 5" x 2 1/2" $14 plus $10 shipping (heavy) to CONUS payable via Paypal Contact me at [email protected]
  16. What is the value of this FAVRE-LEUBA 1950

    eBay Auctions
    Curious what the value is for my grandfathers watch. Picture attached.
  17. 1970s(?) Favre Leuba watch?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi, This dressy watch came into my collection recently, and I wonder if someone can tell more about this specific model (when was it made, low end / mid range, where were they sold)? No movement picture at the moment, unfortunately. But maybe the dial and case already give something away...
  18. FAvre Leuba Help/Identification Please?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi All, The "FL" automatic watch, working, was in my late father's effect and wanted to find out some information. I beleive it was bought in early 1950's, not certain but think in UK but possibly in Singapore. The serial numbers on back are......... 2409 and1001. It is approx 30mm diameter...
  19. FS: ULTRA- RARE vintage Favre-Leuba Deep Blue Divers Watch

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For sale (NO TRADES) - a very rare, vintage and near mint condition Favre Leuba Deep Blue divers watch. Comes with the original signed NSA stainless steel band. The bezel is in terrific condition, no cracks. The dial is beautiful, and the watch runs very well, having been serviced a year ago...
  20. The watch of my Grandfather, ID & INFO help: Favre Leuba

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    First off, long time lurker, first time poster! Glad I finally joined... That being said, I apologize for the quality of the pic and need to find my real camera (current pic is cell phone based). The face of the watch reads (which you cant see, too much glare): Favre- Leuba Hour Glass Logo...