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  1. Public Forum
    Looking for a diver with an exhibition case back, 70+ hours of power reserve, and a steel bracelet with a ratcheting clasp. If it doesn't come with a ratcheting strap, then it should have lugs that allow for a bracelet change, unlike the Oris Aquis. Preferably the budget is limited to 5k, but it...
  2. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi everyone Could you help me identify this watch? I have looked high and low But cannot find a universal geneve to match the style? Let me know with references if you can!! Thanks
  3. Public Forum
    Hey people, So I've recently been getting into watches after wearing a Casio F-91W for a few years, and decided I wanted something nicer. I was looking at all these nice automatics and mechanicals and whatnot for hundreds of dollars for a few days, watching all your watch reviews and what not...
  4. Public Forum
    Hello for the first time, I think after searching for days I have finally found the watch that has the perfect design for me. It would be the Skagen Grenen SKW6536 (see link below). It's the perfect blend of simplicity while still being highly legible and having a full calendar feature. It's so...
  5. Public Forum
    Hey I was hoping someone could tell me what watch they think this is. Thanks in advance!
  6. Casio G-Shock
    Hi Casio fans!! For the last couple of my adult years (that sounds awkward), I've relived my interest for watches. Especially Casio's (duh!). I already own two Protrek's/Pathfinders. But I'm looking for something more regular, without the ABC functions. HELP!!! Looking for a watch with at...
  7. Public Forum
    Hi, does anyone know where to find a "oyster" bracelet that fits this vintage Sandoz diver? 18mm lugs. Sandoz Submariner Homage Diver Thick Lugs Pepsi SS Mens Auto Date Watch $1 | eBay
  8. Casio G-Shock
    I've been looking for a PRX-2000L, the one with that fantastic amber or green display (some pictures seem more green, some more amber) and everywhere that I have found it listed, it's sold out, and everywhere where it's available for purchase is in Japanese that is too cumbersome for Google to...
  9. Seiko
    Hello Everyone, I received this watch as a wedding present from my wife and it got left in a hotel room and never returned to me. It will be our 10th anniversary this April and would love to get it back. The problem is I have no idea what model it is or where to find a new one. Any help in this...
  10. Straps & Bracelets
    Ok, I was looking for a NATO for my diver when I came across this outrageously great combo, here it is: I really enjoy it. My problem is actually tracking down the colour combination in the strap. I've searched my favourite sources, and the off ****** yellow colour above is either a prominent...
  11. Public Forum I'm pretty sure that is not the stock strap it comes with
  12. Public Forum
    Hello - I have recently developed an interest in automatic watches, having learned that my grandfather's been wearing the same Omega watch since WWII. I've been reading about the industry and going to shops for a couple months now. Would you help me? Here's what I think I'm looking for: 1. I...
  13. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I have for sale a like new, only worn a few times, Invicta Reserve Model 5054. I don't know a ton about this watch I just know that it is pretty rare. Watch is for sale or trade...Here are some pics... ASKING PRICE IS 1000.00 WATCH IS LOCATED IN BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY
  14. Dive watches
    Just thought I'd drop in from the Suunto/ABC/G-Shock forums to ask a diving question. I've read more than once about lost dive watches and wondered a) how you come to lose a dive watch/computer and b) how often you divers find one when you dive? Cheers.
1-15 of 15 Results