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  1. Somewhere out there, there is a watch that I'm going to say "that's the one!".... help me find it!

    Affordable watches
    Somewhere out there, there is a watch that I'm going to say "that's the one!".... help me find it! Hi guys, Some of you may know my thread that I posted in the Public Forum before:

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hi There! The sell-off continues as I came across this little quartz fashion watch in some boxes in the garage. It was a white elephant gift from an office party some years back. Anyway, it's brand new in its tin - never worn. Just needs a battery, and it's off and running again. I'm asking...
  3. Would you sell your first mechanical watch to offset the cost of another watch?

    Public Forum
    Just curious what people's opinions are on this topic. My watch in question isn't anything special, other than being my first mechanical watch. Might be time to part with this one and upgrade to a mechanical chronograph.
  4. Abused Watches

    Public Forum
    This is my first watch, bought when I was around 24 years old. I didn't anything about watches, then. I just bought it because it was beautiful. I was a borderline alcoholic for about a decade. I'll never remember what this poor piece has seen. It's still tickin', though. I don't drink very...
  5. First job watch

    Public Forum
    I recently landed my first job and am hoping to pick up a watch to celebrate. I am a current college student and am just starting to get into watches! My budget is about 1000 (but hopefully I will find something for less!) Some specifics I'm looking for: -Metal strap (all my watches in my...
  6. Steal My Heart this Valentine's Day: Second Watch Recommendations

    Affordable watches
    So last summer, I asked your opinions for a first watch before I even knew if I'd enjoy wearing a watch. I realized this, and instead of dropping significant coin on a watch that I wasn't even sure I'd like, I decided to take a step back and get something cheap. As such, I picked this up on...
  7. First real watch - what to buy?

    Affordable watches
    Hi, I am looking to buy my first automatic watch. I want to spent up to 400 Euros (450 USD) on it. I'm not really into microbrands and usually prefer Swiss/German watches over Japanese ones. Obviously want an automatic, and should be versatile. I am currently considering the following pieces...
  8. Please help me find my first watch. Ronin Rotomatic MK ii or a $400 Sinn 556i equivalent.

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I have been looking for a watch for a couple weeks and have it narrowed down to a Sinn 556i, which I cannot really afford. The Ronin Rotomatic MK II is my compromise. I would buy a Sinn 556i for $400, but I realize that is extremely unreasonable. So Ronin Rotomatic it is. I am open to...
  9. My First Watch - tissot pr 100

    Public Forum
    Hello, I am new here and need advice. I just bought my first watch Tissot PR100 Black Dial Watch - T0494101605301. It has 100m/330ft water resistance. The diameter is 38mm.
  10. First luxury diver watch ? PO 8500 42mm vs SuperOcean II 42mm (2015)

    Public Forum
    First luxury diver watch – PO 8500 42mm vs SuperOcean II 42mm (2015) I need your wise opinions for these two timepieces that I narrowed my selection from. I have a 6.7", fairly flat wrist. Also, I am relatively young among the forum members here – 18 years old. I know this might seem a little...
  11. Im new here, and need advice

    Public Forum
    This is my first post, and I need some advice. I've only had fossil watches all my life, and a few months ago my girlfriend purchased me a automatic fossil grant, and I fell in love with it. I loved that a small portion of the watch was skeleton to see the components working yet the face was...
  12. What should I get for my first watch?

    Affordable watches
    Here are three I've found online that I like. 1. A used tag heuer aquaracer two-tone blue face with a little wear for $800 (quartz model). 2. A used Omega seamster professional black dial $925 (automatic) 3. A new Tag heuer formula 1 white dial $870 (automatic) My favourite is #1 but I'm...
  13. Head vs. Heart: The First Watch

    Affordable watches
    Hey everybody, been lurking for a few days, but I registered because I need your guys' help. Lately, I've been getting interested in watches, and I've been having an internal argument with myself over what my first watch should be. I'll start with my "wants", so the wiser watch wearers can...
  14. Buying my first watch, confused b/w TISSOT PR 100 AUTOMATIC GENT & TISSOT PR 100 QUARTZ GENT TITANIU

    Buying my first watch, confused b/w TISSOT PR 100 AUTOMATIC GENT & TISSOT PR 100 QUARTZ GENT TITANIU Hello Members, I'm new to WatchUSeek and require some urgent advice and help from experienced people out here. I'm buying my first watch and have shortlisted on the below 2 models. Your...
  15. Help me out? What was your first watch? (first post)

    Public Forum
    Hi all, I don't know if this is the right place to post but I saw someone else post a similar thread in the public forum so I thought it would be alright as well (Sorry in advance if this is the wrong place). :-s:-s:-s Long story short: My whole life I haven't really asked for that many gifts...
  16. Need Help Buying My First Watch

    Affordable watches
    Hello everybody, I have been lurking around this site for the last couple of weeks while I've been looking for a watch to call my own. This is my first post. Frankly, I've been overwhelmed with just how many options there are. Hell, there are even options within the options. I am already...
  17. First dive watch

    Dive watches
    Hello everyone! I am a college student looking to purchase my first dive watch for everyday wear. I want something not too flashy, on the smaller end (my wrists are not the largest, so 36-41mm) and also timeless and classy. I know that may be a tall order, especially because my budget is in...
  18. Help choosing my first watch?

    Affordable watches
    I'm a college student so I don't have that much money to spend on a watch haha. I'm trying to decide between an Invicta or a Stuhrling. I like the way they look and they won't break the bank. I want one mainly for fashion purposes, but would also like it to work reasonably well Thanks for any...
  19. Is this watch worth $250? I am going to buy my first watch in less than 10 hours

    Click here for pictures - From left to right: Seiko Sgeh01p1, Seiko Sgeh03p1 & Seiko Sgeh05p1 I am buying my first ''expensive'' watch, and I was shopping and asking around in my local watch shop. I really like this model after trying 20+ watches. But is it worth the price tag? Watch...
  20. For how long did you keep your first auto watch?

    Public Forum
    I'm curious to know if you guys still have your first auto watch after becoming a WIS? Even if you've moved on to better ones, you've been reluctant to sell it or you never kept it for that long anyway?