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  1. Ball Forum
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I would like to ask you a question about the fit of this particular Ball watch. I usually wear watches well under 38mm, but I really like this 40mm model, but I'm not sure about it's size and the way it sits on my wrist. Do you think I could pull that off, or is it...
  2. Public Forum
    Hi All, New to the forum, nice to be here. I'm celebrating a new job and just bought a Farer Eldridge. It arrived from GB yesterday and while it's absolutely beautiful, I'm not so sure about how it's sitting on my wrist. I can't tell if it's the stiffness of the new Horween leather strap or...
  3. Dive watches
    Hi! How are you guys? I'm looking to buy me a Ploprof-type watch. Since I wear my watches on my right wrist I was wondering wether some of you have experience wearing it on the right wrist and how it feels? Is it comfy? Does it dig into the wrist? Thanks lads!
  4. Russian watches
    Being heavier steel-cased and higher profile due to their automatic movements, my Amphibians drive me crazy when they don't fit well on my wrist. I cannot stand when they move around too much from being loose, or when they cut off the circulation in my wrist from being too tight. I wear all of...
  5. Public Forum
    Hey, all. A few months ago, I got a Movado Museum 40mm as a gift. I really like the watch an just wanted to know if it seems like a good fit, mainly for future reference when I go to buy other watches. My wrist is exactly 6 inches around, for reference.
  6. Casio G-Shock
    Hello guys, been a while since I buy a new G. I saw three styles of the new PM series and the finish effect is very amazing! But I can't seem to decide which PM I should pick it up :( btw, I don't think all three and gotta have both is an option. Thanks!
  7. Rolex & Tudor
    Any comments or feedback on the fit of the Tudor Heritage Chrono on a 7 inch wrist? I tried the Black Bay, which seemed to work, but that is a 41 vs the chrono, which is a 42. Thoughts? Pictures? Experiences?
  8. Steinhart
    I LOVE the look of this watch and have read a few threads with comments suggesting it is okay for wrists over 6.5 inches. My dilemma? I have 6.3 inch wrists that I am afraid might be a little too small for the rather hefty case. Anyone with wrists my size or smaller try the watch? Wondering...
  9. Affordable watches
    First time I've posted a thread, so be gentle. I've seen some recommendations on adjusting bracelets (specifically dive bracelets with the diver's extension) in the past, but I thought I'd provide a little knowledge and hopefully help someone out on the site. I own several Seiko divers...
  10. Seiko
    recently bought a seiko snq007, I need to take some links out to fit onto my asian wrist. here's the problem, it's either too loose, or too tight o|. I've been going with the loose fit but im thinking if 1/2 link shorter will be perfect for me. anyone else have this problem? what can I do...
  11. Breitling
    I am new to the forum but have been somewhat of a collector these last several years. I have recently purchased a SS/YG Breitling Cockpit, not the Chrono, circa 2006, with the big date with two windows near the "3." Model B49350. It has a leather deployment band...
1-11 of 11 Results