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  1. Seiko
    Now this might sound weird, and maybe I'm the only unlucky guy on this earth, but... Check. Your. Spring bars. After owning mostly G-Shocks in the past few years i got used to solid and short bars, but as you probably know these are not G bars nor the fat SKX bars. They'll probably do the job...
  2. Seiko
    Dear (probably) fellow Seiko Owners, I'm wondering if anyone can give me info about the new 5 Sports line's (mine is the SRPD63) gaskets. How many gaskets does the crown have? I assume it has a gasket in the crown, hence the crown is not closing completely on the case (not totally flush and not...
  3. Seiko
    Hey there, How does Seiko 5 gold plating stand up to other watches and manufacturers? Is it actually Gold? Is it more or less durable compared to other brands? When it starts to wear and the steel starts showing does it ruin the watch or is it bearable? Thanks for your thoughts!